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Madonna's Celebration video look revealed

A one minute advert for the Celebration greatest hits album leaked online yesterday and the clip which features audio and video snippets (given the Mr Brainwash treatment) of songs such classics such as Lucky Star, Into The Groove, Ray Of Light and Music also featured a clip of Madonna in the Celebration video.

Madonna is seen wearing a shoulder-length platinium blonde wig and a dress from the Balmain 2009 collection.

The clip can currently be found on or YouTube

Thanks to Joe


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Chantelle Sini

Madonna is the queen of reinvention & I am a huge fan, but unfortunately I think her out fit looks like a poor cross between Elton John & Michael Jackson. I just don't get WOW from her new look in the video.

Nef, México

WoW, Solo Madonna nos mantiene al pie del cañon, tratando de descubrir que cosas nuevas tiene para nosotros

Dios bendiga a la reina

Larga vida a la reina


I think it looks cool! Very euro. I'm sure she won't be wearing that same outfit and hair thru the entire video though, I have a feeling we're gonna see some different outfits / hair styles. It's gonna be hawt!


love it, she looks fantastic in that dress and love the way she moves!

John Milton Fraser

Very Coool!! Madonna has really given us the best!! She is a true friend!


i'm sorry to say, but i AGREE with you. :( Too drag queenish. and the dress is alil old ladyish cuz of that bow...she's sexy as hell, take it OFF and SHOW IT! i wouldnt care if she put the Open Your Heart leotard back on! lol!! Seriously tho..that outfit covers her up too much, wig and all. Come on Madonna! Show us the worlds most perfect DELTS AND BI'S EVER!!!! We're WAITNG!


I love Madonna with all of my heart indeed but I really hope that she doesn't look like tht throughout the entire video - the wig is fug! (it kills me to say that but it's true) :(

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