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Madonna defends Gypsies in Bucharest

Thousands of fans have booed pop star Madonna after she spoke out against the discrimination of Gypsies in eastern Europe during one of her concerts.
Madonna paused in the two-hour concert to say that Gypsies, also known as Roma, were discriminated against in eastern Europe. She said that made her 'sad' and nobody should be discriminated against.
Thousands in the crowd of 60,000 booed her. She did not react.
Roma musicians and a Roma dancer were featured in her show, held just yards from the giant palace of ex-communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Their performances were applauded by the crowd.
There are officially some 500,000 Roma in Romania, but the real number could be around 2 million. They face prejudice and discrimination in Romania and other east European nations.

From AP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna stated in full:
'I've never been to Romania before and I am happy to be here, but I found out that there is a lot of discrimination against gypsies in Eastern Europe and that makes me very sad, especially because we believe in acceptance, gypsies, homosexuals, people that are different. Everyone must be treated the same, don't forget that.'


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need to explain...
they didn`t boo her for standing against discrimination, they did it because she wasn`t well informed and they felt insulted by her stating that all romanians are discriminators.
there is no discrimination in romania, of anyone, at least not greater than say, italia...


You can see some pics from the Bucharest show here:

paul waters

no shes not your grandma, shes the woman who helped fight bigots and made it acceptable to be gay, she has also done loads for various charities and as a gay male i find her beautiful, talented and above all a legend.....this agist crap, her hands, her face etc is beginning to get on my sure she really couldnt care less about this negative grandma crap, but double standards spring to mind, shes 51, shes no grandma....

Black Heart

It so lame that these people discriminate "different" people. The boo-ing will not affect Madonna's persona, the one who boo-ed the Queen just shouted to the world that they are a discriminating animal.


you go girl... stand up for all..


what's your problem?


The Queen only wants equality among people. What's wrong with that? Those people who discrimanate should be cruxified.

adam facinelli

hye great,
u don't have to be that offensive. even if u don't like what she said, why are u here again?
but, since madonna wants us [ her real fan ] to treat people with respect, I should however treat you with respect too...even if your comment is highly discriminated and u r totally an a**hole.


"Homosexuals"? Who is she, my grandma?

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