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Madonna plots Wallis Simpson movie

Celebration Premieres on iTunes as Free Download for 48 Hours

Madonna’s hotly anticipated new video for her 'Celebration' single will have its exclusive world premiere on the iTunes store as a free download for two days beginning Tuesday, September 1, 2009. Madonna is a multi-award winning visionary in the realm of video performance. The 'Celebration' video, which contains mind-boggling dance moves, reaffirms yet again her reputation as the master of the 'short movie.' The video will be available for purchase on iTunes on Thursday, September 3rd.
The 'Celebration' video, directed by long time Madonna creative collaborator Jonas Akerlund ('Ray of Light') was filmed recently in Milan, Italy and features the Material Girl dancing with her amazing troupe of performers from her current 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour. The video also includes cameo appearances by Madonna’s daughter, Lola Leon and model/DJ Jesus Luz.
Simultaneous to the video debut, Madonna’s definitive greatest hits album, 'Celebration' which has been totally remastered and includes two new songs, can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

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"Mind-boggling dance moves"? My mind failed to boggle.

Is it just me or are artists making fewer large-production videos these days? I guess it's one of the ways the business has changed. MTV hasn't played videos in a long time and the forum for them has never really been the same since.


I think the wig does make her look older and the dress looks uncomfortable to dance in but I love love love the video! I can't stop watching it. I didn't like celebration at all until I saw this. And now I'm way excited again. I hope this is the video that's going to be on the DVD.

NZ Madge

Free version not available in New Zealand, but that's not surprising as Madonna forgets about her Southern Hemisphere fans :-(


madonna needs to start making good videos again. this is trash. i'm a huge fan, but there's no effort in this. she's just gyrating for 10 minutes and then it's pieced together for the video. where's the plot? where are the real dance moves? come on now. hopefully the move to live nation will also bring about change in who she works with. jonas akerlund hasn't impressed me since ray of light.


Ok, a few hours later I downloaded the video for free. It's really cool! So forget what I said before...


I saw the video 4 times trying to find something good in , is really dissapointing , is not anymore our Madonna from 80 , 90, even 00 , she does need to pay attetion to the lastest videos that she offering to us, hung up such a bad video, SORRY a great good one, 4 minutes so so, and finally CELEBRATION , please madonna get into the groove again, personally I was specting for really awesome video to "celebrate" her carrer but just show us a madonna promoting her baby boy friend ,with a lot of the same moves and the traditional move now fall to the floor ,again!!!.
I `ve been her fan since I was 9 years old and collected evry litlle article and item and video and news , not metion the music, pictures all.
And I fell really dissapointted about this video suppossed to show us why we felt in love on her from early 80's .And just show us a madonna in a wig (she looks really older in) doing another empty version of Jump video.
Material Girl needs to catch better material.


hmmm I don't see it anywhere on itunes...

Clare E A Kingston

I too was hoping to get this in the UK and when I saw the Free link I clicked on it and it said I was going to be re-directed to the UK site where it is not free, I wish it was, perhaps they could make it free on the 3rd and 4th for us.


I don´t think the video is that great I´m afraid. I hope it will grow on me though! I´m also disapointed the video is made out of the remix of "Celebration" and not the original version (love it!) Maybe there will be a original-video version......? :)


Full video here -- view and vote in the poll!

Andy Medcraft

Still no news here in the UK. The video leaked doesn't feature very much of what the teasers offered us - no Paul and no fans! Strange! Is it real or just another teaser?


Just downloaded it, I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!


just to let you guys know that i dont think you can get the free download of the video from the uk itunes :-(


I thought the fans were supposed to be in this video? If so, where are they?


I can not see this is correct I have just been onto Itunes.


I just enter to my iTunes account and it's not for free. You have to pay $1.99... what a waste of time!

Kevin N.

Okay I'll prolly be getting up b4 work to download M's new vid for free and checking out the pre-order Celebration on itunes. I'm hoping it has some extra goodies that come with it. Extra songs etc.

I hope the vid is awesome. First it's M's bread and butter so this should be a great place to shine, and 2nd ever since beyonce's Single Ladies vid came out, which really rocked as fierce dance videos go, I've been hoping Madonna is going to step up and knock one out of the park! Here's hopin'

Does anyone know if itunes is also going to have the Celebration video collection for sale?

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