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Celebration on UK iTunes

Many UK fans have been frustrated at not being able to download the Celebration single from UK iTunes whilst the rest of the world could download the track.

madonnalicious has now confirmed that the single will only be available for download from Monday 14 September (the same day as the release of the physical formats).
This is to maximise the chart impact of the song and to help ensure Madonna gets another UK #1 single!


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Attila Szűcs

I just could listened on radio and watched on music channel that wonderful new song track .Probably it will goes up the top on the Europe chart. hopefully Hungary television will playing that video many time until endless


Radio 1 have now added it to there playlist.

I think it will re-enter The Hot 100 when the video clip is released and she does some publicity for it.

Revolver will probably make more of a chart dent over there tho.


i'm in london and this is the article i wanted to see and the result i wanted to hear. i've been lining this woman's pockets for 25 years and i won't stop now! another #1, lets make it happen!!!!!!!


and what about in the US??? it went as up as 71 and dissappeared, as it is US radio could care less about Madonna's songs, why they didnt do that here too? at least the song would've been in a higher position...


That makes sence, although 4 mins was number one a few weekd before the Cd came out. As Radio One will not plsy it, I hope it gets to number one more than any other single. To prove she will do it witout them. Neil

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