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Celebration is 'sound of tomorrow'

Paul Oakenfold has revealed that he believes Madonna's new single 'Celebration' is 'the sound of tomorrow'.
The renowned DJ and Madonna recorded two new tracks together for her upcoming greatest hits album, due out on September 28.
First single 'Celebration' was leaked onto the internet in July, while the music producer said that he is proud of their collaboration, Entertainment Weekly reports.
'It's definitely the sound of tomorrow. Which always becomes the sound of today,' he explained. '[It's] meant to be positive in the respect that you can do it, let's have a good time, let's enjoy ourselves.'
He added: 'When you step up to this level, it's an interesting process because you're on someone else's time, and you respect that. And that's really what it's about. So I was extremely organised when I went in there with the team that I had.'
Oakenfold recently described Madonna as 'truly lovely' after working with her.

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After having bought the Celebration remixes on iTunes last weekend, I have to admit that I don't think that 'Celebration' is the sound of tomorrow. To be honest, it's rather yesterday. It's a nice happy dance tune, but nothing groundbreaking, not new at all, rather mainstream. I'm a big Madonna fan but in my opinion she hasn't done anything new since Confessions On A Dancefloor. Her last few videoclips were simple one-day-shoot (video)montages and the Sticky & Sweet tour missed a certain Madonna magic for me. But that's just my personal opinion! Looking at all the pictures of the packed stadiums there's enough fans with different opinions!


Celebration is a good song, but it sounds a little rushed. That's why it hasn't been picked up in America. As for "sound of tomorrow", I don't share that sentiment. It sounds like late 90's dance music. That's not a bad thing, I love Paul Oakenfold. But the song is just not that marketable.


I certainly don't understand why Celebration isn't getting airtime in the US. It's a catchy pop song and deserves to at least chart in the Top 10.

Mariah's latest song Obsessed is a hunk of shit and sounds like her last ten or so songs and yet it's doing decently well.

Too bad that's for sure. People are missing out on a great end of summer song here.

Kevin N.

That's great I'm glad Paul O had such a good time working with M and is so happy with their collabo only problem is again there will be no real impact on the american music charts or tv.

I'm glad that Celebration is doing well outside america, and I'm glad madonna's having fun continuing her concerts, but really the only time US audiences will hear Madonna's new jam is on the internet or on their ipods.

I know this for a fact because I bought Celebration on itunes and guess what thats the only place I'm gonna hear it. No radio, no tv in america 'cause apparently M or Warner Bros. has given up on resurrecting Madonna's american radio dominance or even the left field possibility of a reappearance in US media.

Is it any wonder she hasn't had a number #1 since Music and that was almost a decade ago? I like the song and I even think it could have a chance with American audiences if promoted by Warner's and the Queen of Pop herself here in the states. But that's never going to happen again.

Well maybe her first album from her LIVEnation deal will get Promoted in the states but I'm not holding my breath.

I guess M has completely given up on making an impact in the US anymore and has conceded her crown to Britney whenever she drags herself out from under her own troubles or maybe she's given up to that chick from the Black Eyed Peas.

At this point I bet Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson will have a comeback before our Lady Madonna. At least we still have Mariah Carey still making music. But as divas go that's about it.

Madonna has finally become the Tina Turner type of US icon. Big in Europe and that's all folks. Enjoy her while you have her.

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