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Vote: Bruce, Madonna, Prince! 1984 was quite a year

Fans can take part in an online poll by to name the best album released in 1984:

Suppose one of the best years in pop music happened and nobody noticed.
A quarter of a century ago, in 1984, three of the most significant pop albums ever made came out. The year saw Bruce Springsteen’s landmark 'Born in the U.S.A.' released June 4, Prince’s masterwork 'Purple Rain' drop June 25 and Madonna’s classic 'Like a Virgin' get unveiled Oct. 29. In other words, three of the most important albums ever were released within five months of each other.

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at this moment like a virgin is number 2, only 40 votes behind bruce, keep on voting!!


She's not third anymore; she's at 37% and Prince who is first is at 39%. "Like a Virgin" for sure will win.


please vote. she's third... So bad

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