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Calvin happy with Madonna remix

Calvin Harris has admitted that he feels 'privileged' that the likes of Madonna and Pendulum are sampling his music.
Madonna sampled his smash hit I'm Not Alone for a dance version of Frozen on her Sticky And Sweet tour, while drum and bass rockers Pendulum have performed their take on the song at Glastonbury and MTV's Oxegen festival.
Calvin said at Oxegen: 'I never imagined when I made it in my little purple room in Glasgow in my flat that it would reach far and wide as it has - it's always a privilege.'

From the Press Association

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Fan Pictures and Reports

A big thank you to everyone who has submitted in their pictures and reports from the first five shows of the 2009 tour.

We are working our way through all your emails and will working on putting your pictures and reports online which readers can access via our Tour page.

We still need readers to send in any pictures and reports (especially from Paris) to

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Werchter Fan Report

Here is another fan report from Madonna's one and only show in Belgium last night - these pictures and report were submitted by madonnalicious reader Tom:

Just woke up from a fuzzy dream, but in was real.
With the golden circle tickets we went frontstage like never before. The whole crew was soundchecking, the Queen was right in front of us. 'This is the real f*cking show' she said and indeed it was.
We got a soundcheck of 'Ray Of Light', 'Frozen' and 'Miles Away'. She was in a extremely good mood. We were thrilled, this was truly truly way amazing. Dancers enjoyed themselves and made jokes with the early frontstagers.

It started raining but as we were where actually under the stage and could enjoy fully without getting wet. The stage had to take preparations for the rain which is probably why Madonna started at 22:15. God, she was beautiful as ever and was in a good mood like she enjoyed being in Belgium. The crowd went out of its mind.
La Isla Bonita, You Must Love Me were the absolute crowdpleasers. I saw the show in Cardiff last year, but this was bigger. 'Vogue' only was already worth to see the show again. The Queen was relaxed and happy. We had the night of our lives. Madonna, we love you!

'Hello Belgium will you sing with me?'

madonnalicious reader Stef sent in these pictures and report from Madonna's show in Werchter, Belgium yesterday evening.

Yesterday I got up at 6:00am too nervous to sleep, Madonna was coming to Belgium, Werchter, for the very first time. Round 9:30am we gathered our stuff and drove to the venue.
We arrived at parking at 11:00am and sat down before the entrance just minutes later cheering and having fun. There was so much love in the air.
Britney performed there the night before and everybody was complaining she was lipsynching and saying she still got a long way to go as a pop princess, nothing like our Queen Madonna.
The weather gods fooled around with us giving rain, sunshine, rain and more rain. At 4:00pm the first doors opened and we went for our golden circle wrist band (THANK YOU MADONNA FANCLUB FOR THE PRESALES). We ran for a minute to find ourselves again before a gate. Standing there we could hear Madonna doing here soundcheck but black plastic kept her out of sight. Finally round 6:00pm we were able to enter the festival grounds. I ran and I ran shouting 'Where’s the golden cirle entrance?'
We placed ourselves right in front of the main stage next to the catwalk and who was on stage talking to the sound and light crew, wearing a beautiful purple outfit....MADONNA. I just couldn’t believe it, we all cried out to her and she heard us because she took her guitar and got on the runway.
'Hello Belgium will you sing with me?' Yeahhhhhhhhh!
'Sing after me. Rain, Rain go away. Rain, Rain go away'
Then she performed two songs including Frozen (a song she wasn’t really allowed to sing in Belgium due to a court case of a writer who claimed she stole the tune from him).

At 8:00pm Paul Oakenfold started his performance and I soon found out I took the right spot to watch the show as I was standing under the ceiling as it started to pour with rain.
The crew did their best to dry the stage and check if all was okay for Madonna. Her prayers were heard because it stopped raining for the entire show.
Then lights went out, visuals on the screen and there she was smiling and sitting on her throne as the Queen she is.
During the dancing she almost slipped on a wet spot and fell over some tapestry, immediately repaired by her professional crew.
In front of me was an Italian guy who won the Icon contest and went behind the scenes. Madonna paid extra attention to him, he even got to sing along with Into The Groove. As I was standing right behind him, I sang along as loud as I could.
The show was perfect even better then the last one. Dress You Up was a real sing along for all the older fans, Like A Prayer just rocked, Frozen was amazing, I was almost in tears with You Must Love Me and her tribute to Michael was so sweet.
With Ray Of Light she addressed the audience asking if they were having a good time and asking them to jump and sing along. I did miss Hung Up, I liked that rock version but no worries she didn’t gave me the time to miss it with all the other hits.
I could go on and on about the show but I don’t want to ruin the fun for all of you who still need to go.
After Give It 2 Me the game was over and we headed out.
Standing in front of the stage had one took us 3 and a half hours to get out of the parking on to the highway . It was 5:00am when I finally got home. Was it worth it? Would you do it again? My boyfriend asked me. Yes, Yes, Yes!
See you next time Madonna, love you.

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Paris Fan Report

madonnalicious reader Kevin attended the Thursday night show in Paris and sent in this report:

I've been very lucky to have seen Sticky & Sweet in Cardiff, Paris (stade de France), London (O2 opening night) and once again back in Paris and I have to say I have not seen Madonna smile so much as she did tonight.
Tonight's show was flawless and the audience were fantastic (which Madonna noted). I hate to say it but they had a lot more energy than London on Saturday night. Madonna interacted with the audience quite a bit and also complained twice about how hot she was (if only she was in the crowd).
As reported in London (Sunday) and Manchester, Madonna encouraged the audience to take their tops off during the Gypsy section, however in Paris this was played down a bit. Maybe it was language or maybe Madonna did not want to get in the habit of having sweaty t-shirts thrown her way but it was quickly mentioned and it did not appear that any of the audience started to strip!
Again the biggest reaction of the night was Holiday (THANK YOU Madonna for adding this) and Like A Prayer, not to mention the MJ tribute which got the whole of Bercy on their feet....and they barely sat down again!
All in all Madonna seems to be loving Sticky & Sweet Part 2 a hell of a lot more than ANY other tour?!

Please keep sending in your tour pictures and reports to

'Give me your shirt!'

Watch out boys! Madonna is now on a mission to get you to take off your shirts during her Sticky & Sweet Tour as last night in Manchester proved.

Most fans agreed that this third show was the best so far, with Madonna smiling all night. What has now become part of the show is that during La Isla Bonita Madonna will demand that guys take their shirts off and give them to her. This led to a many shirts flying onto the stage, with Madonna catching them, waving them around and this time collapsing into giggles at what she had started!

The shirt throwing continued while she sat down during Doli, Doli and ended with one fan throwing a flashing devil horns headband - she just told him off by wagging her finger at him (with a smile on her face of course).

Her jacket would not unbutton during Beat Goes On, causing more giggles and funny faces from Madonna as she struggled with her costume.

A costume change was noted tonight when Madonna wore a pair of red-tinted glasses in 4 Minutes, adding to her already futuristic costume.

One of the most serious moments of the concert took place before You Must Love Me - Madonna reminded the crowd that it was Michael Jackon's memorial today and told the audience that that we should not take anything for granted and we should appreciate our family, those we love and everything we have before it's too late.

Madonna's costumes to 'make history'

Madonna's new stage costumes were designed to help her 'make history'.
Givenchy Haute Couture designer Riccardo Tisci made the outfit Madonna wears in the opening act of the second leg of her Sticky and Sweet world tour - which kicked off in London on Saturday - and was determined to make her look as electrifying as possible.
He said: 'The new costume is super couture, sensual, Goth, bondage.'
'What I wanted for the opening was to give a very iconic view of Madonna. She's wearing an outfit that will make history. I wanted to do something even stronger than what he designed for her in the tour's first leg because she wants to be stronger.'
Tisci - who created a black satin outfit, with large shoulders worn over fishnet tights and teamed with black leather gloves - added he loved working with the 50-year-old singer, revealing she let him have a lot of creative input when it came to the designs.
He told People magazine: 'I just met her six months ago and I'm completely in love with her. She's an artist but she let me express myself, which is rare. She knew what she liked from my collection and wanted me to translate that for her on stage.'
'I made a dress for another bit of the show and she said she wanted to do colours. I said why not? So we did fluorescent rosary necklaces over a black dress.'


Poles protest holy day concert by Madonna

A Polish ultra-religious movement Tuesday said it planned prayer sessions to protest a concert by US superstar Madonna in Warsaw on August 15, which is when Roman Catholics honour the Virgin Mary.
'We're going to continue our crusade with daily prayer sessions outside Warsaw city hall from August 1,' said Marian Brudzynski, head of the Committee for the Defence of the Faith and Tradition.
'We'll start with a group of a few hundred people, but I'm convinced that the square in front of city hall will end up filled with pious Poles,' he said.
Brudzynski, an independent local councillor who previously represented the far-right and ardently Catholic League of Polish Families, has been pushing Warsaw city hall to ban Madonna's first-ever show in Poland.
Concert organisers said the 70,000-ticket event was already all but sold out.
Madonna has often angered faithful Christians in the past not only with her racy shows but also with on-stage antics such as a mock crucifixion scene.
Even though her real first name is Madonna, that also offends some Christians because it is an alternative term for the mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary.
The Virgin Mary holds a special place for Roman Catholics, who every August 15 mark the Assumption, celebrating her being taken bodily to heaven after her death.
The Virgin Mary is particularly important in Poland, where more than 90 percent of the population of 38 million people are professed Roman Catholics.
Her shrines have long been a symbol of the country's survival in the face of centuries of foreign invasion, and she was even declared queen of Poland 350 years ago.

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

'Who said the English are reserved?!'

Madonna's second night at the O2 was even better than the first night. She interacted a lot more with the audience during this show, and complained that had she told her manager that she should never do three shows in a row (the dress rehearsal was on Friday) because it sends her crazy!

Proving that fact she kept referring to it being Independence Day during the show, eventually someone in her crew pointed this out to her as she later corrected her mistake.

During La Isla Bonita she demanded some guys take their shirts off - three guys in the front row did (who says 'No' to Madonna?) - but when they started to put them on again, she told them to keep them off, warning them that she was watching them!

She told off Jonas Akerlund who was in the front row for sitting down - saying that she had already made him enough money so he could at least stand up!

Madonna discusses Michael Jackson

Madonna has described Michael Jackson's talent as 'unearthly', in a revealing interview with The Sun. 'Obviously we have very different personalities - he was a lot more shy than I am. That's because I was allowed to have a normal childhood and he wasn't, so there was a vulnerable side to him that made you want to take care of him and protect him,' Madonna explained.
'He was a real paradox, one of the world's greatest performers and obviously very confident on stage, but in real life he was shy and you really felt for him. He was the King who inspired us all. I am so terribly sad about Michael Jackson's death. To work with him and become friends and hang out with him, was exciting for me. I used to love picking his brains about musical stuff. To be able to do what he did at such an early age was unearthly.'


Sticky & Sweet Tour: First Night Fan Report

madonnalicious reader Joanne sent in this report from the first night at the O2:

Got the tickets for last night through the fan club presale and it's one of my treasured memories now, as I had to traipse through the snow on a nightmare journey to work in order to get to an internet cafe as they went on sale. There's dedication, eh? Only M can make me do that, lol! Anyway, I got great seats (in with the VIPs) and I am so happy that I went last night. I was at the opening night in Cardiff last year - which was awesome, and then Wembley Stadium and then MSG in NYC so I was particularly looking for the changes....
As soon as she appeared I thought she looked nicer (and happier) than last time and I prefer the new Candy Shop outfit. I felt she interracted more with the audience than usual and genuinely seemed happy to be 'back' in London. I've been to the O2 5 times this year so far and, as good as the other concerts were, each one made me anticipate Madonna more as I know she knows how to party!
Overall, I think the show is an improvement on S&S1. Don't think I'll ever really get with the rock stuff so - as much as I loved singing along to Dress You Up (and Borderline) I'm not mad on them. Hung Up Rock would never work IMO (a disco classic, for God's sake!) so I didn't miss that. Frozen was good, might like it more tonight. LAP is such a hard one to follow though!
I was wondering how the 'Get Stupid' section would change after the election is now done, and I have to say I prefered it as it felt less patronising/ preachy and it worked better for me.
I liked Heartbeat but can understand why she changed to Holiday and it kept the energy high and obviously provided the space for MJ tribute....
I can't believe this tribute made me cry - and I was expecting it! Wow, these concerts can be so powerful. The audience loved the tribute, didn't they?!
No requests section so no hope for Gambler, which was a shame :(
Frankly, I don't know how anyone can be disappointed with this tour, as it is jam packed with classics (and Hard Candy of course) and dancing and energy and colour....I mean, come on!
Back again tonight and more than ready to do it all again - Give It To Me!

Please keep sending your pictures and reports to us at

Sticky & Sweet Tour: madonnalicious' pictures

madonnalicious had the privilege to watch the opening night of the 2009 leg of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in London last night - and the slightly surreal experience of sitting next to designers Stella McCartney and Valentino!

Madonna and her crew once again wowed the crowd with their energetic performances. The changes to the setlist were very well received and the Michael Jackson tribute got the loudest reaction of the night.

Here is a selection of madonnalicious' pictures taken during the first show.

Madonna in Jackson stage tribute

Madonna kicked-off her revamped Sticky And Sweet tour at London's O2 Arena with a tribute to Michael Jackson.
Jackson, who died last week, was due to perform a series of 50 farewell concerts at the venue from 13 July.
As Madonna sang Holiday she was joined by a dancer dressed in Jackson's unmistakable style of sequined jacket and sparkling white glove.
Madonna told the crowd: 'Give it up for one of the greatest artists the world has ever known - long live the King!'
Pictures of Jackson as a boy flashed up on a giant screen as the dancer moon-walked across the stage to the strains of Billie Jean.
He went on to perform some of Jackson's signature moves to Wanna Be Starting Something.
An estimated crowd of 17,000 watched Madonna perform at the first of two concerts in London this weekend.
She moves on to Manchester on Tuesday, followed by several dates across Europe.
Madonna closed the show with Give It 2 Me, and donned a jewelled glove, along with her dancers, in a final, simple, tribute to Jackson.
Lyrics from his hit Man In the Mirror scrolled across the screens. It read: 'If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make the change.'
The tribute, albeit brief, impressed fans at the O2. Victoria Mears, of Billericay, Essex, said: 'I really liked it. It seemed very fitting for the queen of pop to pay tribute to the king of pop.'
Nina Lawrence, 32, of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, said: 'It thought it was good, but it was a shame she didn't sing one of his songs as a tribute.'
And Helen Levy, 30, of Winchester, Hants, said: 'She seemed very passionate when she spoke about Michael Jackson. It's clear that he was a great inspiration to her.'

From BBC News