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Madonna: 'I found an answer'

Celebration: Single Cover

Online retailer Amazon have updated their site with the Mr Brainwash designed cover for the Celebration single - giving us a hint of what to expect from the video.

Update - Thanks to everyone who has corrected me, the pictures were taken at a party in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the tour last year!

Thanks to Glenn


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Hey guys, help me, please. Where can I find all of the pictures from this cover?


like it a lot! you can feel the fun and energy by looking at the photos! madonna loves contradiction, so I don't see a reason for complain about her smoking (or about to do so) bye the way, that doesn't look like a cigarrete, that's true...


My opinion (and everyone should be able to express their own) is that it's great the cover. It looks like fun. Life should be fun, nothing wrong with that. It's part of what is going around in Madonna's life right now, so why not? Yeah, maybe there's tons of other stuff, and that would be impossible to choose, but this one shows her at her best, showing us a great time. Peace-out!

Nicholas Dodaro

The single is already being sold in the US on Amazon, Itunes, and Masterbeat. Bought it today and it is the best song I have heard from Madonna since Confessions.


the after-party in rio is where madge was photographed w/jesus for the first time. that's when news broke that they were dating. maybe the song is in part about him? makes sense...


a lil dissapointed i must say ...she smokes cigarettes?...i`d rather her smoke a joint..


I've never understood why Madonna is photographed smoking so much. For someone with a clean, healthy image, that's just wrong.


Please everyone comment. Do you think she really smokes??? We have seen her in the Rain and Bad Girl videos along with other things but is it just for "show"? She's always preaching about being very healthy and she even tried to get Britney to stop smoking. I don't think she does.


looks a bit fat to be a cigarette!! could our lady be smoking something else i wonder?? heard 'celebration' twice today on local radio & loads were phoning up saying how much they loved's gonna be huge!!!


bla bla bla... so she's smoking and having fun... so what?!
these images are great, and just because she does it, doesn't mean that you nor anyone else have to take it up. cool or not cool, the woman is 51yo and can choose for herself.

i think it's a beautiful cover, and better than that other one.

Bex C

Wow, delete my comment?


Just because I didn't like the other single cover is that why? Because I'd rather see a new picture of her on a CD single?

W o W. What is this? A britney spears fansite where you have to love EVERY SINGLE THING she does?

idk. maybe I'm just paranoid. My email is there. Please get back at me.

@cms is whose comment I'd delete. If it doesn't make sense, delete it.


Who says she's smoking a cigarette? :)

Michel Kulmann Kettermann

Hey friends, they forgot to mention that the pictures were taken in Rio de Janeiro last December after Madonna's concert at Maracana Stadium. There was a huge party at Fasano Hotel (where Madonna and Jesus Luz spent hours dancing and taking pictures).

Hugs from Brasil. =)


Delete comments much?

The pics are from Rio, not the video.


Love it!!! so fierce!!

Bex C

I LOVEEEEE this wayyyyy more then the water color one. That one was soooo damn ugly for a cover.


I love the close-up pic of her and I've always loved pics of her smoking cigarettes! Looks very early 80s. I guess that's the trend now.


Pretty sure those shots are from the Klein shoot in Rio and not the video shoot.


I don't like the single cover, because the image of an smoking Madge. first of all I hat the ciggarrettes, then, just I few days ago, I show the note about Madonna telling to Lourdes to no smoking.

Madge does not need to smoke to being cool. She is great without that horrible habit.

Ian Mc Namara

Have we been seduced by the allure of controversy? i.e the smoking? Like the artwork otherwise. hope the song is good.

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