Madonna pens article for Israeli daily newspaper
Madonna to sing at Budapest soccer stadium

Celebration: Preview Clip

Online retailer have just added Madonna's Celebration single to their site where you can also listen to a preview of the track.

The single is available for download from Tuesday 04 August in the US (the UK should get it on Monday 03 August). To listen to the track visit

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Thanks to Vickster


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Ah, yes this is classic Madonna...and the Benny Benassi Remix is the bomb!


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

madonna freak denmark

I love this song very very much an it's a great number an a reel MADONNA number of the best way... An 10 days more to go before i will see her live in parken copenhagen Denmark....Can wait more and this new super song now...Madonna forever


Hey Guys! I'm in America the track is available for download at right now! I've been with Madonna since the inception and I love it and I am sure those who have been with her as long as me will greatly appreciate it because it pays homage to her early club roots and that's a deliberate creative choice. It has Euro written all over it and will be yet another Global smash for her.(The Paul Oakenfold mix could work at US radio.) America may ignore this but make no mistake "Celebration" will be Madonna's 40th #1 on Billboard Dance/Club Chart!!


the single is now on Itunes Ireland for download!!! Says it has been there since July 21st!

Pat Cop

Love it!! Heard the song all the way through on KISS, Gonna be huge in Europe. The clubs in Ibiza will be playing the remixes...

Adam Hunt

I used to be a big fan and collector of Madonna's music but she sounds so cliche these days. This is really really bad Euro pop from the mid-90s.

It's clear from her last few collaborations that she's a singer and performer. I don't think she really has an input into the music making process.


This song will be a intercontinental number ONE. It is absolutely fabulous.

John M

I love Madonna but this is... no offense, but I was hoping she'd make something very new and special like when she released ROL, Music, and American Life.


After Hard Candy I was desperate to love this song but the production sounds very dated. It's not worthy of being on M's greatest hits album.


The song is brilliant. Yes it is sooooo 90's but these are her dance roots. Vogue era! This is the sound from her that I miss the most and by doing this it will make people remember her for what she is best at. Dance. And who cares about radio airplay, nobody in the music business gets that attention anymore. Thank God M has been relevant all these years! Despite of the negative irrational people that have no clue what it is they're talking about.


wow I looooove this!!!! I cant wait to hear it, its like a mashup of were in heaven, get together, and holiday!!!


This song should be HUGE EVERYWHERE. It sounds absolutely incredible. Everyone needs to inundate their radio stations to play this song, especially here in the states where Madonna doesn't get alot of support from radio anymore. I just don't understand that at all. Play on your madgesty!!

Mario Acuna

I like it... it's ok. I can imagine it sounding great at a club. It seems as though Madonna might not be 100% into her music anymore. When was the last time she actually MADE a good video? 2002? Maybe she needs to take a break after this long tour she's been on. I thought Heartbeat would be a single she would be releasing with this past album, but I guess I was wrong.


flawless as always!

Kevin McNamara

Love it cant wait do we know what formats are going to be avalible?


O M G ... the song was great !!!! As always ... Madonna has done a great song ... I must admit that i love ALL her music ... but this one ... KEEP THE BEATS COMING GIRL !!!! WONDERFUL !!!!!

Some love New-York, but I love Madonna

it has leaked on the net and is so good.
a kind of mix between stephen bray and stuart price. LOVE IT !
thanx madonna !!!


I can’t stop listing to the sample. Sounds so cool and refreshing on a hot day.

Joe Lawley

i love it! i love her! i love the whole package!!!!!!




I absolutely LOVE this song already !! Let's hope it's a massive hit...


OMG OMG!!!!! Can´t believe it!!! It´s so Good.
Te queremos muy mal Maddy, en todo Uruguay y el Mundo!!!!

craig maclaren

what is the sample at the end of the preview, is it perhaps from "what it feels like for a girl"?? have to hear the whole thing to be sure. looking fwd to it just hope it gets air play and promotion. I mean madonna last single in the uk , miles away totally bombed.


always the same sh*t ... very bad

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