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mmm I was waiting for something new, totally new even though this is a compilation album but nothing can erase the exciment I feel!!!


I love Madonna but let's face it: most of her album covers are terrible. The covers for the singles are usually better. Just the other day I brought out The Immaculate Collection and was disgusted by the underwhelming cover. The cover for Like A Prayer has to be the worst -- such throwaway "art."


yikes. i didn't expect this? this is just okay. not the greatest.


Artwork? I could color in her blue eyeshadow, red lips and yellow hair. Just saying. Of course I 'm gonna buy it. I though it was gonna be GHV3. Wonder what songs they're gonna cut out.

Miss Fitz

I'll take this cover over some other things I had envisioned, but I still think it kind of lacks innovation... Warhol meets Sex Pistols, I get it, but was hoping for something a little more mindblowing...


Hmmmmmm I'm torn. I guess I'm happy with it since it is creative. It's a lot better than Hard Candy haha.



Anthony-Craig Staszkiewicz


I get a sneaky feeling this maybe Madge's last single ever though!

Hope I'm wrong?


I F***ING love it at last i can move on from the sell-out album hard candy Madge is back to her Ghetto camp best at last i really hope there is a Blu ray version of the DVD fingers crossed eh

Much love to all you madge fans


So cute


very nice!


I loooooove this cover! However this new artist - I guess I'm feeling like this is an Andy Warhol kinda rip off?

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