Carson Daly interviews Mr Brainwash
Sticky & Sweet Tour: Madrid Press Pictures


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It is speculated that Mr Brainwash was/is a "character" made up by street artist Banksy. You should all watch the movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop"...and yeah all of Mr Brainwash "art" is supposed to be a major ripoff LOL!:)


I'm excited that its gonna be a double album. This album cover is ok, but also depends on your artistic perspective. The positive and negative. Cool to look at though! Peace!
released awsome!!!


Everyone is saying how it is a ripoff but she couldn't very well get Warhol to do it! Let's just be excited instead of criticizing so much.


please watch the pacha opening night with oakenfold on you tube F!@#$ing amazing what a tune thank god we can move on from SH&T candy love it Madonna world class

hugs to you all



its raw, its Madonna through the ages, love it! x


I LOVE this! To me, this picture captures the Madonna of my youth, the Madonna that I grew up with and will always have the most fond memories of. Thank you!


I guess it's her best cover for a compilation so far. She became finally art and nothing else but this is what the design complains. It's a mixture of maturity and impudence, this is what pop-art is about, isn't it? To me the best clue of this artwork is that it pretends to be shot from a house wall; it definitely comes over Miles Away from that HC rubbish. This is how I like her, how I like pop!


This is meant to be Iconic. It contains something from different eras (different looks) in her career. The way she looks deep into camera is more Ray of Light. The hair is True Blue, the spot above her lips is who is that Girl, the boldness is like a virgin, the eye shadows and lips are the glamorous touch from Vogue, the shadows in the face are not only nostalgic but also refer to the present gracefully mature and still sexy Madonna.

She is the last goddess on earth.


I preferred the title Iconography. I like the idea of some art inspired by classic Madge, but they could have chosen something more original IMO. Looking forward to the new single, and DVD though!


i was puzzled by this image at first cause i wanted a NEW image for the cover, but the more i look at it the more i love it. it really bleeds to life. i LOVE it! this is madonna re-affirming what her WORK is: pop art (minus the hard candy/sell out era). the warhol/silkscreen effect only works when done by the right people and madonna is o so right for it seeing that she actually lived thru and emerged from that period. plus, warhol approved of her. madonna is SONIC POP ART.


It's very artistic but i don't know if it's
a good cover to sell.


I love it, but it looks like an andy warhol rip off, just sayin'


why dont she made this cover from true blue era or like a prayer era or vouge era? they are more everlasting image, than brush some blue and yellow on your face????? ray of light is the best cover so far from her.


ripoff maybe but all art is ripped from something. love it!!


All Madonna’s album covers are conceptual and revolutionary. They always took time, for people to get the point.

I think the cover is great.


I'm not thrilled about about the cover...and she doesn't look thrilled either....not much 'celebration' going on. Blah!

I AM thrilled about the compilation and the new songs! YEAH!


very surprised - very unoriginal - totally uninspiring

Let's hope the content it more exciting!


20 years after :-)))

James Davis

I'm looking forward to the accompanying DVD release seeing as we ain't had one since 93:99. I would much preferred it to have been called Iconology though.

Peace and love to all xxx

a-m pamflet

it reminds me of the rubbish you see on those 'canvas-art' stalls you see in camden/spitalfields market! i would still wear it on a t-shirt though...


it's artsy and I appreciate this,it's a good idea,world class Madonna,woo hoo!


only two new songs? :-/
Hopefully the classics don't have a bad/short edit.

Can't wait for the release :-)
But what happened to the cool title "Iconography" ?
Cover and title (celebration) are good... but I wished it would be awesome.

Greetings to everyone ^^


My favorite cover is Erotica. Least is a tie between Hard Candy and Music!


All the covers of here CDs are fantastic. This is another gem on my treasure box. I can't wait to have a copy of this.



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