UK Press: Madonna and Mercy in London
Events: Madonna Party in Belfast


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Allie M

This was an interesting documentary made me want to find out more!! Thought it was very well done.
Still think well done Madonna for bring Malawi to the world!!


I was very impressed with this documentary, and it gave you an insight into the connections madonna and malawi have. I think Madonna is a true,genuine person and wants to show love to David and Mercy. People should be admiring her, not slating her! i did think the journalist was against her, but what media isnt!


On Youtube

Mark Ryan

Slightly biased and misleading. Tried to sensationalise Kabbalah into something sinister, suggesting a clandestine adoption for Madonna is part of a grander plan. The process of the adoption was/is actually an interesting story but parts of the show were explotititve and undermined the validity of the programme.


It certainly was an interesting and eye-opening documentary!

Wonder if any law suits from Madonna's side will follow...?


this wasnt so anti madonna as i expected-& even the reporter seemed to agree-in the end-that her work was good & the country does need her help & money-& that the kids were looked after & happy.if wasnt for madonna-most of the world wouldnt know this place even exsisted.x


It was a really good documentary and while I am happy for Mercy's future, it has also shed light on a very disturbing relationship between Madonna and Malawi. It is truly amazing what money can buy.

Jason Madonna Fiddaman

I just watched the show and I have to say that the journalist seemed biased against Madonna from the start. I thought he warmed a little to Kabbalah by the end, but I found him infuriating.

I love her and I love everything that she does and I am glad the Malawians are more grateful than the arrogant journalists.

Power to Madonna.


I am happy that Madonna followed through and I can imagine the emotions of who all is involved. Think that should be enough for anybody.

:hand clapp'n: understanding people


ughhh why are people still making a huge deal out of this?

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