Madonna's tribute to Michael Jackson 1958-2009
UK Magazines: skymag

UK Press: Daily Mirror

UK newspaper the Daily Mirror has picked up on the note Guy Oseary published on Twitter following the news of Michael Jackson's death.

'The moment that never happened: A month ago Madonna told me she wanted to do a surprise performance at one of Michael Jackson's uk shows....'


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madonna did actually write a song called 'in the closet' for MJ-he asked her to do it & provided the title.when she presented her version to him,he didnt like it-as it was too risque.he went with,a different,safer,version of the song,ahe also tried to change his image-she wanted him to cut his hair really short & get rid of the white socks etc.i think she wanted him to move with the times.xx


The moment I hoped for years that will never happen!!! I remember very well this picture of Michael Jackson & Madonna going together to the Oscars in 1991! I was in my first year of college, still living in France at the time. This picture sort of reconciled me with a good schoolmate. She was at the time crazy about MJ and I was already a devoted fan of Madonna so we used to argue all the time about who was the biggest, the most talented and simply the best between the two. Easy to guess which side I was fighting my hardest;-)...the first time I saw that pic was when my mate brought a copy of one of the biggest Teen mags in france at the time, Podium, and in the mag they were writing an article about MJ being Madonna's date for the night, showing the picture on the side, but more importantly stating that both MJ and M were about to record a duet together soon after the oscars that year! I got absolutely excited about it and even I can't remember how and why it didn't happen at the end, I secretly kept hoping they'd unite to duet together one day...The King of Pop has died, Long live our Queen!

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