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I nresponse to madaboutmadonna:

I too was at the Wembley show, but because I had also been to Cardiff, was happy to buy lower price tickets and was on the top tier. The sound quality was not too great, not as bad as reported by some - but having already seen it, I was not to put off. Still had a fab time - and am looking forward to o2 now!! But please Madonna, bring the prices down - gonna have to file for bankruptcy soon!!!!

(But you are worth it!!)


In response to Robert King: did you have the cheap seats? Because I was at the Wembly Stadium show and it was awesome! The sound quality was great and she sounded powerful. And in response to Sickitten, Madonna is a devout user of Oxygen Facials, she stays out of the sun, drinks only water and teas and follows a strict macrobiotic diet and does yoga and hardcore dance aerobics all contributing to her youthful appearance. I sure she's had a few minor procedures on her face, but I think it's due to her incredible discipline that she has wonderful skin. And good genes.

Allie M

Roll on Manchester...............

Robert King

I cannot understand why Madonna continues to charge these ridicules prices. I attended the Wembley show last year and that was bad enough. I have now moved on to pastures new. Take That for instance provided a brilliant show for their fans and charge half the amount, even less. They sing every song live, come on when they should and thank their fans. So you work out the best option....

Robert King


Does anyone know what skincare products M uses?

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