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so sad, i'm devestated


fame and money doesn't erase a persons problems nor does it erase all needs and desires, people should remember that before judging a celebrity. although it sometimes appears that celebrities are happy they can be miserable inside. love to michael jackson

Rusty Gage

Perhaps, in place of "You Must Love Me", M could do Michael's "Gone Too Soon" for the duration of the tour.

John M

R.I.P Michael, we will love you forever and ever.


Michael and Madonna are two very important stars in my childhood memories. And now there's only One star shines brightly, and that is Madonna.
I don't care about what the world said of MJ, how they make fun of him, he was a true star.


Agree with you Paul78! If YWNB got a personal problem with this site or the person who runs it, s/he should send his/her rubbish in a private email to the web manager of the site and leave this space free for those who are fans of Madonna and want to post or react to comments about her music, life and her other artistic activities. Ultimately YWNB should stick to if it's what s/he likes and not coming on here to make some low promotion in disguise!!!


Me too, dear Madonna!
Best wishes!


Geez, YWNB what's your problem? Show a little respect, is this really the arena to vent your venom about this site? This space is for people to comment on MJ's death. The picture featured is great, it's a classic moment when the two biggest forces in pop collided. People are paying tribute here and don't need you being mean about pointless things. Stay on if that's where you prefer, (there's plenty of room for many Madonna sites) and let those of us who enjoy Madonnalicious, enjoy it in peace.

P.S. If you are so smart, you would spell your own username correctly i.e. there's no need for an apostrophe :)

You're worst nightmare bitch

PS~ That's a terrible picture, but you got bad taste so what did I expect? Just look at your tired old layout and entrance page. Who has an entrance page anymore these days? You, that's about it!

You're worst nightmare bitch

A little late dontcha think? did it sooner(and better) than you... AS USUAL! You won't let this post through though, of course, cause you're a big fat pussy!


It's a devastating report. The Queen will now continue the life of Pop Music. This is a wake up call to all people who continue to ignore pop music. Pop music has been my guide towards my adulthood since I am always alone and this type of music confort me and loved me especially Madonna's music.

May the soul of the King of Pop, rest in peace.


Very sad before Madonna became my idol it was Micheal who I admired they are the King the Queen of Pop Micheal you will be missed Gone to Soon


couldnt believe when i heard the news! i am sooo sad...its unfair! RIP Michael.


Qué gran verdad has dicho, Bernardo!!

Rest In Peace, Michael.


Bye Michael.Thank you for your Amazing music and Love.We will miss you so much.

Kevin N.

I remember when I was a little boy trying to moonwalk across my Mom & Dad's kitchen floor. I grew up in a world with Michael Jackson's voice always in the air, through the radio, watching him defy gravity on tv.

I danced and bounced around my home trying to be like MJ, we all did at some point. We all wanted to be that cool, dance with that much energy and grace, and in my heart I did!

I remember when "We are the world" was everywhere. I sang along and thought, We Can do it, we can come together and make a difference, we can change the world for the better!

When the 24 hour news and critics have had their say and the books detailing all his difficulties and struggles are written please don't let all that crap make you forget how much Michael Jackson inspired us, inspired the world.

We all just want to live in a world where we can be ourselves, express ourselves and do so with brilliance and with love.

Thank you Michael for daring to be different, thank you for your charity around the world, thank you for your music, your dancing, and thank you for the joy!

Our love and support go out to all the Jackson family. My heart goes out to his parents and his children, his brothers and sisters. May God give you strength and grace in these most difficult days.

And Michael may God shower you with the peace and serenity and light that was hard to find here on Earth. Peace & Blessings Kevin-

Bernardo Díaz Carrizo

La música Pop esta triste... A muerto el REY y solo nos queda la REINA... Nadie ocupara jamás el lugar de Michael, NADIE... El POP esta triste…

paul waters

i am in shock, i am a madonna fanatic and she will always be number one, i grew up with both the queen and king of pop..shes the only megastar left... god bless michael xx


Rest In Peace Michael, you will always be the King

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