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Madonna Polish Concert Protest Plans

Madonna's upcoming concert in Poland has been thrown into jeopardy after a Catholic group announced plans to protest the show.
A committee is hoping to keep the Material Girl from taking to the stage in Warsaw on 15 August, which coincides with the Assumption of Mary feast - a holy date in the Catholic Church.
A Catholic Society representative maintains the controversial pop star's shows on her Sticky & Sweet tour are anti-Christian and would conflict with the religious celebration.
The group has urged Polish government officials and tour promoters to cancel the show - but if the performance goes ahead, the assembly has promised to 'stifle Madonna' by staging a picket line outside the venue.
The Catholic protesters aren't the first to take issue with Madonna's current tour - last month Russian officials demanded she promise not to blaspheme at her August concert in front of the country's oldest museum.



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I agree, Eugene!


Poor ticket sales in Manchester stopped her from performing a 2nd date, as did poor ticket sales on the 2008 leg of the tour in London. She can be stopped, by financial powers, not religious ones.


Believe me in Poland it's like a joke and no one cares about that protest. It's a group of people which want to be in the media against almost 100 thousand of fans who'll be at the concert.


This show isn't even doesn't even deal with religious or rebelious subject matter, what gives?

James Davis

And they think a protest outside the venue will phase her? Get real!

David Durante

The Pope tried to stop her several times and he failed,how can a few priests or catholics be able to stop her!


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