UK Magazines: skymag
UK Press: Madonna and Mercy in London


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LOVE the one where she's seated on the chair!

HATE the one where she is reclining and looks like one of those creepy porcelain Victorian dolls! Too odd!


yeah, i agree with's clearly SUPPOSED to look the way it does...BUT i don't like it. i want her to look like herself! she's beautiful without all the effects of computer digitization :)


she's obviously supposed to look like a doll or something, i think it's amazing!


i think the whole point of the picture is to look like she's somewhat frozen in time and immortalized. Louis bags are timeless peices, she is a timeless artist, and the two go hand in hand. i think it also has a futuristic i really wish people would get off the whole "hand" issue with her. She's vascular. Get over it.

Dariush Alavi

If that really is one of the images, all I can say is: Oh dear!

There comes a point when tinkering with Photoshop produces rather inhuman results... and I would've thought someone like Madonna would've had the guts and the confidence not to give in to the pressure to look like some waxwork dummy.

Very disappointing.

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