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Madonna's personal trainer Tracy Anderson spoke to Wales On Sunday about her regime for her famous client.

Madonna’s personal trainer has some harsh words for Welsh women who want to look as fit as the Queen of Pop.
Five-foot, size six Tracy Anderson gave Wales on Sunday her exclusive steps to honing a killer body - and be warned - she thinks running gives you a man’s backside, junk food’s a form of personal abuse, and anyone who thinks walking to work will keep them slim and beautiful is kidding themselves.
This tough-talking self-confessed control freak has been putting Madge and her best mate Gwyneth Paltrow through demanding workouts for years - and now she wants to do the same for British slimmers without their A-list salaries or lifestyle.
'Every woman absolutely can look like Madonna,' said Tracy, 33, a super-healthy gym guru who isn’t afraid to sound messiah-like as she spells out her mission to 'connect with the masses'.
The glamorous former ballerina splits her time between New York and London to meet the demands of Madonna and Hollywood actress Gwyneth, both busy mums, and knows the famous women from top to toe.
'Madonna’s a performer,' she said. 'I need to make sure she can get up in front of 75,000 people on a tour that’s going to suck the life out of her - that’s why she needs to work so hard.'
And while that iconic figure needs two hours a day, six days a week to maintain – the woman behind it claims it’s more than attainable by lesser mortals without Madonna’s childcare entourage or bank balance.
'Gwyneth does an hour and a half a day,' she said.
'Madonna’s a gym nerd - but not everyone needs that insane commitment.'

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Come to me Tracy!

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