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Vote: Most Elegant Woman


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she looks great! and it was about time she wore something this extravagant! this kind of thing is what made M the superstar she is today, its not just about the singing and the amazing shows she puts up.
Keep pushing the envelope Madonna! there is nothing boring about you, thats why love you!


Right now, Marc Jacobs is the hottest designer on the face of this planet. Madonna is a very complex woman and is right now in her play on top of the world mood. Marc Jacobs’ designs captures and manifest Madonna’s mood. He crates things that are off beat, ultra Avant-Garde with the right touch of class. His designs don’t overdo the class. Compare to his designs, the Oscar gala gowns look so stuffy, boring normal and passé.

He designs for women with powerful, sexy and playful character with beautiful bodies. Madonna embodies all of those essential qualities.

LV ads look so hot, thanks to a match made in heaven: Madonna, Mark Jacob and Steven Meisel. Go to an LV shop and you will find the best of the material world. It sounds decadent, I know. But everyone deserves a little material indulgence every now and then. It is good for your mind and it makes good economic sense.

God bless Madonna the Goddess in the material world.

Erik Whyte

If you have followed Madonna through-the-years you should know that she is not afraid to wear anything she wants too wear. Besides, I see nothing wrong with it. Everyone should wear what they want too, because at the end of the day, there are more important things in life too worry about. FYI, I voted for Madonna as the most glam female. She's done it once again.


This prooves that you can be rich,beautiful,trendsetter, pop queen and still cant always get away with everything!...i hope Madonna never works with Marc Jacobs ever again!


Why are people still making a huge deal about it? lol I guess they need someone important to talk about, and it's ALWAYS M.



That's all I can say.... What is MAdonnna trying to tell us?

Someday we shall all know her secret.


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