Lady Gaga 'Humbled' By Madonna Coming To Her Show
You too can have Madonna's bunny ears


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Allie M

@ bristar

Allie M: "Lady GaGa is looking in MADONNA'S fashion book."

I think not - Lady GaGa's look is clearly more inspired by Kylie, imho.

aye and who inspired Kylie? They all give madge credit for they way they look and that she inspired them in music too! I'm not a fan of Kylie or GaGa but when I look at them I see a wee bit oh Madonna going on and thats no a bad thing!! ;)


Allie M: "Lady GaGa is looking in MADONNA'S fashion book."

I think not - Lady GaGa's look is clearly more inspired by Kylie, imho.


It really is nice that she doesn't give a shit. but still....this outfit is hideous. But that fact that she is wearing it with confidence makes me love M even more!!


and the scrunchie returns.......


I LOVE HER!!! SHE'S THE BEST!!! she totally followed the theme: COSTUME, FASHION. She look so freakin sexy! LV fall '09, the bunny ears, the dress, the boots! and the way the boots fit her, w/that peek-a-boo in the back! and the way she works it!! she's the BEST!!!! ssssoooooooooooo H O T!!!!


What a complete MESS!
HIDEOUS on all sides of the spectrum.

Allie M

I think she looks bloody great!!! Lady GaGa is looking in MADONNA'S fashion book. So what if she's 50 I wanna look like her when i'm 50 :)


Only M could get away with this!! Anyone else would have bombed it, it's really out there but she pulled it off.


Love it except the headpiece. It reminds me of a reindeer!! But from the head down she looks HOT!


This outfit is genius! The other women looked mostly boring that night, they were playing it safe. Madonna doesn't have to prove that she's a fashion icon, she has already worn all the glamourous gowns before, so it's a great idea for her to go all eccentric!


this is why i love her:) she's crazy, she has guts and she has staying power no matter what she wears...

John Suddes

The dress n boots she can get away with the headress is going to get her some stick in the press!!


Hmmm. Taking a very large leaf out of the fab Lady GaGa's fashion book methinks.

I'm a massive fan of ya, M, and have been right since the very beginning, but this is not a good look at this stage of your career, imho! :-O Sorry!




she looks so cool!


Very nice!


Her face and body look amazing....but if i were her i`d never talk to Marc Jacobs ever again!


high fashion. crazy and ridiculous. love it! that said, it would be nice to see M in something more glamorous next time. she doesn't have to be avant garde *all* the time.


what a shocker! love her!!! this proves that she doesnt give a damn about what haters say concerning her age and the fact that she should behave like a 50 y.o. woman...well she doenst look like a 50 y.o. and she sure doesnt act like one, she doesnt want to be one..
and it was about time... i missed controversy around her looks! you did it again M!
impossible not to love this woman

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