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Madonna attends polo match on Governor's Island

Madonna attended the second annual Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic polo match on Governor's Island in New York on Saturday 30 May 30.

She was joined by designer Marc Jacobs and her children Rocco and David. The event this year was to raise money for an Prince Harry's organization that supports AIDS orphans in the African nation of Lesotho.

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Oakenfold: A 'privilege' to share the stage with Madonna

Oakenfold, 45, has supported the 50-year-old singer - who is set to play two shows at London's 02 arena in July - before and insists it's a 'privilege' sharing the same bill as her.
He told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: 'Her fans adore her. I remember we did four sell-out shows in Buenos Aires in front of 80,000 people each night. It's a privilege for crowds like that.'
The DJ is also producing three new songs for Madonna's upcoming Greatest Hits release.
He said: 'We've been in New York working on the tunes. She's a truly lovely lady, but she's the boss so everyone will just have to wait for the new stuff.'


Oakenfold struggling with Madonna set for tour

DJ Paul Oakenfold is struggling to put together a playlist for his upcoming shows supporting Madonna - because the crowd will be so diverse.
The superstar DJ will be the Material Girl's warm-up act on the latest leg of her Sticky & Sweet world tour this summer, and he wants to get everyone in the crowd fired up and dancing.
But he's finding it difficult to plan what music to play as he doesn't think his usual style will go down well with the wide range of fans Madonna attracts.
Oakenfold says, 'Planning my set for a Madonna show is tough because she covers the spectrum. It's a white, black, gay, straight crowd, aged between 15 to 60. It's no good making it too underground.'
'Despite the big venues, it'll still be clubby and I'll get the crowd going. And it doesn't take much to get Madonna in the mood.'
Oakenfold is also teaming up with the singer to produce three new tracks on her upcoming Greatest Hits album.


New Madonna tracks named!

UK magazine Attitude spoke to DJ Paul Oakenfold about his tracks he worked with Madonna on for the Greatest Hits album:

Paul said Madonna was highly professional, he learned a lot and that the new tracks are 'lyrically classic Madonna with an edgy modern sound'.
He told us the tracks were sitting right there next to him and he told us what they are called. He didn’t know which ones would be the Greatest Hits CD and didn’t know when it would be out.

The song titles are:
I’m Sorry

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Jesus Luz: 'Madonna is just a friend'

Brazilian model Jesus Luz has spoken publicly for the first time about his relationship with Madonna - blasting reports of an impending wedding and branding the singer 'nothing but a friend'.
The Material Girl met Luz in December at a photoshoot for W magazine, which saw the pair pose for a series of provocative photos, weeks before Madonna's divorce from filmmaker Guy Ritchie was finalised in January.
The couple has since been snapped jet-setting around the globe, sparking speculation Madonna had taken Luz on as her lover and plans to marry him in a Kabbalah commitment ceremony.
But in a candid new interview on Brazilian TV show Fantastico, the 22 year old has downplayed his relationship with the superstar.
He says, 'She is someone I truly admire, a friend who is in my life, who I have worked with, and who I keep in touch with. I can't say anything else besides that. She is a friend, and nothing but a friend.'
And Luz insists he isn't bothered by the international press labelling him Madonna's toyboy.
He adds: 'Actually I have never cared about what other people say about me because if I let people's negativity enter my life then I will not be able to stay focused and follow my path.'


UK Magazines: Grazia

The latest edition of UK magazine Grazia (25 May issue) featured this two-page article on the usual Madonna and Jesus wedding rumours that has been circulating for weeks but have now been dismissed by Madonna's PRs. The article was illustrated with a nice recent picture of Madonna and Jesus in New York City though!

Liz Smith on Madonna's significance to celebrity culture

US columnist Liz Smith took time to answer questions the public had been sending her about the changing nature of gossip and celebrity at A question about Madonna was of course featured:

'Madonna said, 'I love Liz Smith, she has big balls, like me.' What is her significance to celebrity culture?'
'Madonna! I couldn't believe it when she said that - I am nothing near as brave as Madonna. And this was at an event that was hers, the premiere of 'Truth or Dare.' I was being followed around by an ABC camera crew for a story. And I kept saying, 'I don't think she's going to cooperate.' I hadn't met her yet, though I'd been writing about her since 1984. But she looked right into the camera and said it.
Her cultural influence has been epic, in every way - sex, fashion, self-promotion, self-confidence, oh, and that little thing - her music! People want to forget that she is this giant figure in pop music, that she has written most of her big hits. She JUST DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN what people think. She won't beg her audience for their love. And that's why they love/hate her.
She doesn't care - or at least she'd never admit it publicly - that she was hurt by the idea that her charity work and adoptions are a publicity ploy - as if she needs more publicity! She ain't retiring, ever! And she sure doesn't care that she's 50 and her latest lover is 22. She's doing what men do, and not apologizing for a second. I like her a lot.

Sticky & Sweet Tour clips for Blackberry users

Ten videos taken from the upcoming Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD are now available for streaming for (US) owners of a BlackBerry Bold from AT&T.

The selection includes the following performances:

Candy Shop
Beat Goes On
Die Another Day
Spanish Lesson
Miles Away
La Isla Bonita
Get Stupid
4 Minutes

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Dr Sonia Sachs talks about Madonna and Africa

Dr Sonia Sachs is the pediatrician who was with Madonna in Malawi when the singer met one-year old David Banda. In this interview with The Huffington Post Sonia talks about her work in Africa and her thoughts about Madonna's work in Malawi:

The problem is straightforward: more than nine million children die each year in Africa. That is the number of people in the entire state of New Jersey.
African kids die from infectious diseases such as HIV, TB, malaria, respiratory illnesses, diarrhea, worms, parasites, and vaccine-preventable diseases, malnutrition and - far too often - during childbirth itself.
In an exclusive interview with HuffPo, Sonia Ehrlich Sachs, M.D., M.P.H. spoke to me about Africa, child mortality, and an intelligent, charismatic women who has learned much about both: Madonna.

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Madonna not planning Jesus 'wedding'

Madonna has dismissed reports she's planning a lavish Kabbalah wedding to toyboy lover Jesus Luz after his father sparked a storm of gossip with marriage talk.
Luz's proud father Luis Heitor Pinto da Luz told Brazilian magazine Quem that Madonna was planning to wed his son in New York.
He said, 'The ceremony (that) will link up my son Jesus Luz and Madonna only confirms that he is extremely happy.'
But Madonna insists the reports are false, questioning whether Luz's father even spoke to the publication.
A representative for the pop superstar tells In Touch magazine, 'This is completely and totally not true. Jesus' father didn't make any statement on this subject.'


Oakenfold: 'Madonna songs cutting edge'

Paul Oakenfold has described the new material he has recorded with Madonna as 'cutting edge sounds combined with classic Madonna'.
The pair spent a week together in the studio last month producing songs for the 'Miles Away' singer's upcoming greatest hits package.
Oakenfold confirmed that the new material will be previewed when he opens for Madonna on the second leg of her 'Sticky And Sweet' world tour, which kicks off in London on July 4.
The DJ will also play at the Wireless Festival before supporting Madonna on European dates in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe.

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Events: Circus at Matter - o2 Aftershow

To coincide with Madonna's opening night in London, Circus, Jodie Harsh's infamous club, night rolls into Matter at the o2 for one night only, on Saturday 04 July 2009.

This year, Circus is officially teaming up with Pride London to present a host of spectacles much bigger, better and more outrageous than you’ve ever witnessed on a dance floor. With a melee of special guest DJs and entertainers across two huge rooms of pandemonium and colour, this big top couldn’t be further removed from the carnival you visited as a child.

In it's three years of delighting clubbers, who travel far and wide to join the Circus, the night has always boasted big name DJ's. Tonight is no exception. In fact, it's the biggest line-up Circus has ever seen and undoubtedly Matter's most diverse and colourful - including Siouxsie Sioux in her first ever DJ set, which we are are promised will contain lots of Madonna!

Coming up in June is an exclusive competition for madonnalicious readers to win tickets to Circus at Matter.

Circus is at Matter on Saturday 04 July 2009, from 10pm - 6am.
Tickets available from
Matter, the o2, Peninsula Square, London, SE10 ODY

Jesus' father talks about his son and Madonna

Jesus Luz's father has opened up about his son's relationship with Madonna - insisting the couple is 'extremely happy', but won't be walking down the aisle any time soon.
The Material Girl has been dating the 22-year-old model since earlier this year after meeting him on the set of a photoshoot for W magazine.
The couple was recently rumoured to be planning a Kabbalah commitment ceremony to cement their love.
Luis Heitor Pinto da Luz admits his son may be organising a religious ritual with the star, but is adamant they do not intend to marry.
He tells Brazil's Quem (Who) magazine, 'The Kabbalah ceremony (that) will link up my son Jesus Luz and Madonna only confirms that he is extremely happy. I don't know if there will, in fact, be a real marriage between Madonna and my son. It will be a type of ritual, but I do not know Kabbalah (or if the ceremony) will have legal validity.'
And Luz Senior reveals the model is just enjoying spending time with the singer and her three kids, 12-year-old Lourdes, Rocco, eight, and adopted tot David Banda, three.
He adds, 'She has small children, and Jesus helps her out with various tasks involving all of them. He plays ball with the kids. Jesus has charisma and loves children.'
'I've spoken by phone with Madonna - in French, because my English is not fluent - and she appears to me to be a normal and polite person. She is feminine. I don't feel she is a harsh person.'


You too can look like Madonna!

Madonna's personal trainer Tracy Anderson spoke to Wales On Sunday about her regime for her famous client.

Madonna’s personal trainer has some harsh words for Welsh women who want to look as fit as the Queen of Pop.
Five-foot, size six Tracy Anderson gave Wales on Sunday her exclusive steps to honing a killer body - and be warned - she thinks running gives you a man’s backside, junk food’s a form of personal abuse, and anyone who thinks walking to work will keep them slim and beautiful is kidding themselves.
This tough-talking self-confessed control freak has been putting Madge and her best mate Gwyneth Paltrow through demanding workouts for years - and now she wants to do the same for British slimmers without their A-list salaries or lifestyle.
'Every woman absolutely can look like Madonna,' said Tracy, 33, a super-healthy gym guru who isn’t afraid to sound messiah-like as she spells out her mission to 'connect with the masses'.
The glamorous former ballerina splits her time between New York and London to meet the demands of Madonna and Hollywood actress Gwyneth, both busy mums, and knows the famous women from top to toe.
'Madonna’s a performer,' she said. 'I need to make sure she can get up in front of 75,000 people on a tour that’s going to suck the life out of her - that’s why she needs to work so hard.'
And while that iconic figure needs two hours a day, six days a week to maintain – the woman behind it claims it’s more than attainable by lesser mortals without Madonna’s childcare entourage or bank balance.
'Gwyneth does an hour and a half a day,' she said.
'Madonna’s a gym nerd - but not everyone needs that insane commitment.'

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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Coming to Israel?

Various news reports are appearing in the Israeli press about the Sticky & Sweet Tour coming to Israel. They suggest that Madonna has said yes to the show but are waiting for a commercial sponsor to commit to the show.
However most reports are naming an October date for the show - which is odd as the last date for the tour so dar in the end of August.

Here is a report and scan from

After long and agonizing negotiations, pop queen Madonna has finally confirmed she will be stopping in Israel this October as part of her successful Sticky and Sweet Tour.
The singer will put on a one-night performance, but her trip to Israel will last a few days during which she will visit various sites.
According to speculations, Madonna will be landing in Tel Aviv a week before her show and stay in Israel during Yom Kippur.
The 51-year-old artist's visit to Israel was not part of the original plan. The Sticky and Sweet Tour was launched last year and saw jam-packed halls around the world.
After the tour Madonna announced that she planned to start working on a new record, but rising demand from her fans around the world led the singer to extend her tour to European locations this summer.
It should be noted that Madonna has wanted to perform in Israel a number of times in recent years, but due to funding problems, was unable to do so.
Even now, there is a chance that the show may not go through, since Israeli promoter Shuki Weiss and German producer Marek Lieberberg are still looking for commercial sponsors to fund the costly performance.
The two have been holding intensive talks with telecommunications provider Orange, but an agreement is yet to be signed.

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You too can have Madonna's bunny ears

Yes, you too can own your very own Louis Vuitton bunny ears like the ones Madonna wore last night to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala!
A modified version of the Marc Jacobs-designed accessory will hit stores this fall, according to a rep for the French luxury fashion house. 'They will be much, much smaller, and the bunny ears will be attached to a headband,' the rep says.
The silk ears will be offered in black only. A price has not been set yet.
So where did Madge find the wacky headpiece?
The original bunny ears made their catwalk debut in March at the Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 show at the Louvre in Paris. No word if Madonna will be sportin' any in her upcoming ad campaign for LV.
While Madge's ensemble last night may not be getting the best reviews, there's at least one style trendsetter in New York who's giving the music queen props for daring to be different. 'Loved it,' exclaims Simon Doonan, creative guru at Barneys New York and author of Eccentric Glamour. 'This is a great era for glamorous eccentricity. People are bored with glamour gowns.'
Doonan goes on to say, 'The ultraconventional glamour-gown look? That's so last century, dahling! Think Lady Gaga!'
Madonna and her bunny ears were seen after the gala at Jacobs' afterparty at Monkey Bar, according to WWD.

From E! Online / Marc Malkin

Lady Gaga 'Humbled' By Madonna Coming To Her Show

If you think that Lady Gaga has gotten used to being a pop superstar, think again. No one was as surprised as the New York City native herself to see that the Queen of Pop, Madonna, took some time out of her busy schedule to catch the 'Poker Face' singer's show at New York's Terminal 5 on Saturday.
'I was very humbled that Madonna came to the show,' Gaga told MTV News on Monday. 'And I had been hearing all week that she was going to come, and I was like, 'Oh, OK,' and I didn't want to talk about it or tell anyone 'cause I thought it was kind that she would want to come at all.'
What made it even more surprising for Gaga was that she didn't think Madonna had any idea who she was, despite her hit songs and performance on 'American Idol' earlier this season. But what really pleased the singer was seeing that Madge made her concert a family night.
'I was really excited to see that [Madonna's daughter] Lourdes was there, and that made me really happy 'cause during the show I noticed some beautiful spirit of a girl dancing,' she recalled. 'And I didn't know who it was and I just kept waving to her.'
It wasn't until the set was over that she learned that the girl was Madonna's daughter. 'Then when the show was over, I said, 'Oh, there's this sweet, young girl up there, and she was dancing her pants off.' And someone said, 'Lourdes had green pants on.' And I was like, 'Oh my God, it was Lourdes and she was dancing.' It really got me going. (Madonna's) a good mom, so it's nice.'
Gaga will also be happy to hear that the legendary singer slipped out unnoticed. 'I was hoping and praying she would get out safely,' she said. 'If she got spotted she would have been trampled like the queen she is.'

From MTV News

Madonna begins her Malawi adoption appeal today

Lawyers for pop star Madonna have returned to a Malawian court to appeal against a ruling denying her request to adopt a child.
Last month, the court ruled that the singer could not adopt three-year-old Chifundo 'Mercy' James as she did not have permanent residence in Malawi.
Madonna was not at the closed-door hearing and a ruling may not be announced for several days.
The singer has already adopted a boy, David, from the southern African state.
Mercy lives in the same orphanage from which Madonna adopted David in 2006 and has been living there since her 18-year-old mother died shortly after giving birth.
Madonna's Malawian lawyer Alan Chinula said he was 'hopeful' the appeal would succeed, and argued the lower court had relied on outdated law to block the girl's adoption.
Meanwhile, a dispute has erupted over a man claiming to be the little girl's father.
James Kambewa, a 24-year-old security guard, told US TV he opposed the star's appeal and had sought help from the Malawi Law Society to stop the adoption.
Although Mr Kambewa acknowledged he had never met the child, he said he now wanted to claim custody.
However Mercy's uncle, Peter Baneti - who is representing the family in the adoption case - said that the family did not know Mr Kambewa.
Mr Baneti said he had agreed to the adoption on behalf of the family, and that Mr Kambewa was 'just an opportunist'.

From BBC News

'Have a great weekend!'

After Madonna finished her vocals in the studio yesterday she joined Guy Oseary on his Twitter account and 'tweeted' to a few lucky fans:

When asked about what she was reading at the moment:
@joaobcarvalho ive been reading a book called 'the other hand' by Chris Cleave.. Im also reading 'outliers' by Malcolm Gladwell -M

How the Louis Vuitton photoshoot went on Wednesday:
@kevinkeveney i had so much fun.. i love working with steven meisel.. love marc jacobs.. -M

Madonna then finished her take-over Twitter session by posting:

just finished in the studio..can't wait for you to hear the finished product. Have a great weekend!!!!!!! -M

im here with jesus.. @jesusluz is a fake.. jesus is not on twitter..

sitting here with Jessica Seinfeld. one of my favorite people. she wants me to learn how to cook... -Madonna

Twitter updates from the studio

Madonna did indeed takeover Guy Oseary's Twitter account yesterday and cleared up a few rumours and answered some questions.
Guy also confirmed that today (Friday 01 May) would be Madonna's last day in the studio recording tracks for the greatest hits album.

In reply to all the messages of support over her adoption appeal:
thanks for support.. fingers crossed all will go well with Mercy.. -M

Asked what she was listening to these days, Madonna replied:
@boxofboom electronic music/electro house... -M

When asked if she really hated the paps in NYC she replied:
@aaronnyc i dont hate anyone. horses dont like surprises. they are very sensitive animals.. -M

Madonna also cleared up the rumour that she was leaving Rocco and David with Guy while she was on tour:
@perezhilton what is this rubbish about me dumping my children off for the summer while Im on tour? They go where i go.-M