Madonna hospitalised after horse-riding accident
Leave a 'get well' message for Madonna


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'soccerboy in LA' i totally agree with your comment, but the sad thing is in the states and canada, a puritanical view of women lingers, even in the very idea of an article like this that dosen't promote the media's recyled stories of pregnancy,who's getting engaged,who's shopping where, who's wearing what etc... is too unorthodox to the north american standard in the media. I also wish more articles like this were published because sadly the media stories about women in hollywood especially in 2009 is like the article points out 200 years behind our time.


I love this article...but I never knew what Jesus looked like until now. That is quite possibly the most beautiful man I've ever seen. Anybody mad at Madonna for being attracted to that is just delusional. Don't be mad at her, be mad at yourself because you can't BUY that at 50!

Soccerboy in LA

Thank you for posting this. I only wish that articles this well written were de rigeur here in the States. As someone who studies sociology, this article answers good questions and raises even more.

Well Done.

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