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Madonna appeals adoption bid rejection


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It's just as well. There are children in the U.S. that need help just as badly if not more so.


Regarding you comment about the application of the laws, as a lawyer, I have to note that the Malawian laws on adoption are currently applied on two different ways regarding the same act (the act of adoption regarding David and the act of adoption regarding Mercy). Of course everyone deserve an equal treatment, that is why Madonna has appealled the decision because in her case this equality is clearly not respected. It is not because you are famous that you deserve an unfair treatment. Madonna is a human being like you.


OMG these tabloids are sooo pathetic: "Madonna screams out in agony" only someone who doenst know her at all would believe in this. This woman is fierce she doenst break down!


Mirror is one of the more anti Madona paper in the UK. What they write against our madge in connection with the adoption is unacceptable.


Irrespective of how famous you are or how much money you have, no one should be above the law. Laws are made for the equal treatment of everyone.

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