Madonna donates to Italian earthquake fund
UK Press: Daily Mirror

More on Madonna's earthquake donation

Not-so-Material Girl Madonna pledged $500,000 for victims of Italy's terrible earthquake on Wednesday - 10 times what the U.S. government sent.
The mayor of Pacentro, the Abruzzi mountain village where Madonna Ciccone's paternal grandparents were born, reached out to the pop star, who is practically a holy icon in town, and begged for help.
Fernando Caparso, mayor of the medieval village of 1,300 souls about 60 miles from the epicenter of Monday's quake, said the singer quickly called with her generous offer.
'I am happy to lend a helping hand to the town that my ancestors are from,' Madonna told People magazine.
Caparso called it 'a beautiful thing' and a big help for the people of the devastated regional capital L'Aquila.
On Monday, the US State Department announced it was sending $50,000 in emergency relief funds.

From NY Daily News


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Romana Predarski Kordik


Av Cortes

Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get back up there and do what you do best!
You are truly amazing!
Feel better soon!

Gilbert U.

Madonna, Sorry to hear that you fell off your horse, but glad to hear that all is well. Hope you recover quickly, get ready for your European tour this summer and hopefully a new album sometime soon. Your #1 fan in Austin, Texas. Gilbert U.


get wee Madge, we love you!

Ronald Willard

To Our Creamy,Smooth,Pop,Icon,goddess. You are in our thoughts and prayers for a quick and healthy recovery. I am going horse back riding later today (sunday) and will have you in my thoughts often hope you are up and riding again soon. Big Hugs and lots ok cheek kisses....Just one of your many #1 fans from Columbus ohio Ron (P.S You could stop here on your next tour) Hint Hint


funny still people able to look ways to criticize the Queen of Pop.... get a life people...

Madonna, you are really an ICON....


Good on ya, Madonna!


"10 times what the U.S Government sent"-what an angel,that is amazing of her


thank you Madonna, thanks from the bottom of our hearts. We have many villages completely destroyed here and people are sleeping under tents now. Thank you for your generosity!
and good luck for everything, you're an amazing star.

(your big fan from 1984)


wow! she has donated much more than the US goverment. can't believe some UK newspapers are criticizing M!

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