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Madonna records new track with Oakenfold

Madonna has recorded two new tracks with dance producer Paul Oakenfold.
The singer has scheduled two weeks of studio time to record new material for her upcoming greatest hits collection, according to her publicist Guy Oseary.
'Had a good day with Madonna in the studio yesterday,' Oseary wrote on her website.
'She worked on an amazing dance track with Paul Oakenfold producing - no title yet but will keep you posted. She also started a second one, so we are hoping to have two tracks done this week.'
'Next week she is working with another producer on one more track. Two of the tracks from these sessions will be on the Greatest Hits album.'
Madonna's upcoming collection will mark her final album with Warner Records after she reportedly signed a $120 million (£86.6m) deal with concert promoter Live Nation.

From Digital Spy


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@Nick I've heard it's something later this year. Maybe in the Fall?


@daniel Unfortunately, this is only for the greatest hits album, so most of the material will not be new. But at least there will be a few new tracks!

I'm looking forward to her next full album.

james mason

I think you meant her 'manager' Guy, not her publicist, who is Liz, by the way, who said this.


I second that! Does anyone of this GH has a release date yet?


I am so completely excited about this collaboration! I love all the remixes Oakenfold has done for Madge - of course, I love his stuff!

Can't wait to hear....


new material by the queen... it's so exciting to hear this news!!!


OK thats soooo amaaaazzzinnng!

just one question?
when's the release date for the greatest hits album?

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