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No No, Goo. This all you owe me. No, no goo. This is all you owe me.

joe mignogna

I like many other people hope that you get well soon. The world IS a better place because of you as an artist and as a person. Your totally hot exterier is obvious but as an artist we get to see inside you too. I like what i see. But you've got to tell me how GREAT it felt to be totally naked when everyone around you were totally clothed. One feeling I'D like to experience some day. Maybe a naked date to your favorite restaurant. yours always joe mignogna magnolia nj

Keith Castellano

o madonna i get so worried when you fall off ur horse, ur to valueble to get hurt!! plesase get well soon; please have a speedy recovery and keep ur muscles strong and im just thank full nothing bad happend to you. so get well soon and please take a break from the horse , its to dangerous n it makes me nervis.
Sincerely yours,Keith Castellano fan over 20 years LONT LIVE THE QUEEN <3 XOOXOXOOXOO


Nice try!!!I almost belived U:)And now,pick up your FAT ASS and GO TO WORK!!!!!!!!!
Your lovely Sean(joke)


Oh dear, I have to say that another horse riding tragedy has been a lil worry for me lately. It seems to be somewhat of a dangerous sport. All I know is that losing my mentor would be so devastating, not for just me but the world over and your family. I hope you are doing much better Madonna, and the bruises are healing.
Best wishes,
Jerry (Chicago)


Madge, I hope you understand this because I am a foreign student. Instead of riding horses, you should begin a new hobby or something that is not too serious ie twittering or art. We all have empathy for you and to relieve the trauma you should go out for something to eat. It always work for me. It must have been a shock when you fell off your horse where out best wishes are upon you to get better and to relax. Before I forget, good luck in your tour whereas we all are very happy of you.


Madonna--maybe horse riding isn't for you


M. You don't need me to tell you it's all just a test! And.... you come through stronger every time. Thinking of you - London misses you - roll on the summer and stay well xx


Madonna, wtf?!
Hope you're feeling better now!!!
Keep up the good work and get 1.000.000 hugs from BAires! We love you!!


John Milton Fraser

The universe won't let you be hurt, really. It loves you too much!! Plus, you play by the rules!! You know your stuff!! I have every faith that you will be fine!! We are all thankful for your work and influence!! We won't lose you. John Fraser


Nothing can stop you sweetheart! I know you.... I have learnt a lot from you and one thing is to stand my ground! Get well soon & bewitch us!!!!!!!!! kisses :) :)

Frankie G

Get well soon....anxious to hear the new tracks with Paul!

David H. Limon

Madonna, get well, and keep blessing us with your talents. Get Well Dear Luv Ya, David (BADBOY aka now EL Bibi)


U scared the hell out of me! I mean do you have an idea how precious you are for all of us!!!
And follow doctors orders ;)




Kiss you dear!


get well soon madonna
u hav lots of records 2 break not bones

we all love u so much..if ur r in pain...we r in pain plz plz plz plz be safe


Hey Madonna..........Get well soon! You, and only you, can make the world get up and dance!!!!!!!!!


You scared the hell out of me. Keep safe. The poor horse will cry if anything happens to you.


Dear Madonna,

Hope you get well soon.
Hey, when can we see you again in Portugal? Come on over, we miss you :)


dear madonna,
i have been with you since your first concert at cobo arena in detroit,mi...i have watched you grow from that pudgy little girl to the most sexiest and talented entertainer of the 20th century..i have seen you 3 times .. the latest at the philips arena last year..awesome..but madonna...if you need to ride another horse,meet me at the nearest wal-mart and i will be glad to give you a quarter to ride the stallion in front of the better soon...see you at your next you


Hi beautiful...

Sorry to hear of your fall...but hey falling is all part of riding, right? (Although i've never been on one!)

Take care of you...cannot wait to see you again this summer...i had a very bad experience at the last concert and missed 20 minutes due to going hoo! so i have a whole gypsy set to catch up on this year..(would love to tell you about that some time!)..

I hear you're in the studio with Guy this week...looking forward to hearing some more great music from you soon..

Love you lots and lots...

Good luck with the appeal too... I'm a foster carer so i know how hard it all is.. I'll be away whilst you're back in court...i'll think of you...


ed murray

madonna please get well soon and i wish you all the very best and thank you for all the joy you have given me over the past 25 years may it continue your amazing ed xxx

mike urbina

Madonna, thank you for the you.keep your spirits high..xoxoxo Mike

Nicole Marek

Dear Madonna,
I have loved you and all you have given to the world since I was eight:) You are an amazing light shining bright all over our world! I thank you so much for inspiring me in so many ways! Please stay around forever and feel better soon!!!
We love you sooooo dearly:)
Nicole Marek
PS contact me if you want an amazing massage therapist!!!!!


madonna you are strong enough to recover soon, I know you will and go on as always!!!!!!

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