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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Two tour dates cancelled

Hidden in a press release from tour promoter Live Nation is the news that two Sticky & Sweet Tour dates have been cancelled. The Wednesday 08 July Manchester date and the Hamburg show are now missing from the updated tour schedule.

Fans who had bought and received tickets to those shows can only assume that the phrase 'a few changes' means these cancellations.

With record breaking sell outs in London, Brussels, Oslo, Tallinn, Helsinki and Gothenburg, Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' - 2009 - reaffirms Madonna's status as one of the most successful touring artists of all time. Due to unprecedented demand by fans and some logistical scheduling issues, new dates and a few changes have been made in the 'Sticky & Sweet' itinerary, it was announced today by Live Nation, the International tour promoter for the entire tour.
Following a 70,000 seat sell-out in Werchter, Belgium, a 76,000 seat sell-out in Helsinki Finland on August 6th (the largest show ever in Finland by one artist), 40,000 tickets sell-out for the July show in Oslo, Norway, two sellouts in Gothenburg, Sweden and 72,000 tickets sold out in one day in Tallinn Estonia, the passion of Madonna's fans shows no signs of slowing down for 'Sticky & Sweet 2009.'
The Material Girl will be making first time ever stops in Belgium, Udine, Marseille, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Slovenia, Budapest, Belgrade, Romania and Bulgaria and is returning to Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Gothenburg, London, Manchester and Munich.
'If those who took in Madonna's world tour have seen anything as slick, innovative and energetic then please point it out. The choreography, visuals and live talent were world class and mind-blowingly well executed, intelligent and witty,' raved England's Independent Newspaper.
'In the premiere league of song-and-dance spectaculars, the queen of pop remains unrivalled and undefeated' glowed The Times.

To check out the new updated Sticky & Sweet 2009 Tour schedule visit


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At least you Brits and Europeans have the luxury to see her. She does very little touring here in the U.S. Maybe she's finally feeling the economic crunch!


Once again, I have to agree with some of Eugene's latest posting. I find it ridiculous that I often hear fans saying now, "Ah, but you don't come to the concert to be able to see it; you watch it when the DVD comes out" - WTF?!?!?!

When I pay over £160 for a ticket to see an artist, I EXPECT - yes, expect - to be able to both see them and hear them.

And this comment is directed at ALL artists who choose to play wholly-unsuitable stadia, not just at Madonna. They clearly want the maxiumum money for the minimum effort.


Re: Alice "she already has the historic record of the most successful tour ever by a solo singer". Spoken like a true accountant and statitician. That seems to be the whole point of attending a concert now isn't it, becoming a number, who cares about the view, the audience or the least important thing: the music. Forget the DVD, wouldn't it be wonderful if all fans could enjoy the Sticky & Sweet Tour as an Excel Spreadsheet like you obviously have?

a-m pamflet

i know the reason i haven't got tickets for the july shows after seeing last september's wembley concert is more to do with the cost than anything else. i'm sure lots of others feel the same if a life-long fan like me has held back from buying any!... and the businesses who'd usually buy up the hospitality packages are probably holding off too. a shame for fans who won't be able to see her now though.


Eugene is completely correct re: September 12th at Wembley. Likewise, Cardiff was eerily empty (I believe that around 33,000 tickets were sold, which is roughly half of the sales for Confessions in Cardiff - these figures came from the Millennium, btw). Whole swathes of sections were covered with black tarpaulin so that when they filmed, it wouldn't show all the empty seats. I was there and was aghast how, in such a short space of time, M could go from a complete sell-out to that!

I blame the ticket prices: many/most people really do not have that kind of money nowadays.


"Logistical" reasons my ass. I had inside info that she had planned to do Sept 12th in Wembley as well but she couldn't sell out Sept 11th (contrary to the t-shirt that went on sale and the supposed statistics from live nation). I was there at the pathetic Sept 11th show and I can most certianly tell you there were large sections of empty seats in prime spots (not those obstructed by equipment). Her quest for wanting to claim big statistics means more fans get rubbish views.


I'm sorry for those who bought tickets, but the point is she already has the historic record of the most successful tour ever by a solo singer (male or female)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gutted she cancelled Manchester on the 8th as I had prime seats and was the only night I could do it. :(

John Suddes

Absoluteley shocking!!! Live Nation are rubbish, I still have had no joy from them over the fiasco that was Madonna's Wembley show last September. No refund even tho I could see nothing no offer of a part refund they would not even guarantee me good tickets for Manchester in July even tho I was willing to pay the £175 price tag. I did get tickets for the 7th luckily (not the vanished 8th) but still not good seats for the £175, Madonna's shows depend so much on visuals and a top price ticket should mean you get to see the show as it is meant to be. Seating is priced all wrong and I blame Live Nation, their customer service manager should be fired as he has about as much customer service as my ass! Madonna give them back the money they gave you and get some real management again.


The dates have clearly been cancelled because they didn't sell out. I had tickets to the Manchester show, I was offered tickets to the night before in Manchester for a show that had apparently sold out. But the seats were no where near as good as the ones I'd booked and were more expensive. Am a very bitter EX Madonna fan!

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