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Africans In America

More international support for Madonna’s quest to adopt a second child from Malawi

Africans In America News Watch
March 31, 2009

New York --- Africans In America, Inc., a New York-based organization raising awareness on issues affecting immigrant Africans in United States has thrown its support on quest of Britain-based American recording artist, actress and entrepreneur Madonna Louise Ciccone to adopt second African child.

The top singer and actress popularly known by only her first name Madonna has returned to East African country (Malawi) to ask for permission to take 4 years-old girl Chifundo James out of the country.

International support and challenge for African leaders:

Speaking from New York office during an interview with Africans In America, Inc. Executive Director, Bonaventure Ezekwenna stated, “there is no doubt that any child adopted by Madonna will have a better far more than what he/she is getting in Malawi, or anywhere in Africa.”

“There is no uproar against Madonna’s quest, absolutely none. Most Africans, including the leaders will like Madonna to adopt their own children. Most critics, including African leaders are just jealous, and will sing a different tune if their own children are the ones chosen by Madonna for adoption”.

“Let them show the world how African children are fairing under their watch and how the children are fairing under Madonna”, said Bonaventure Ezekwenna.



I find this very interesting also. Madonna never brags about herself or talks herself up, especially when people say shes untalented, but it seems from these tapes that she really did hear songs in her head, a little magic like she said, and she really did usher in a new female pop sound that she still uses the formula to, to this day.


This is a really interesting story, especailly the comments about Madonna's guitar playing many, many years earlier. The tape really does have "musical history" stamped all over it, and I will be extremely interested to see how much it sells for eventually.

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