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Pet Shop Boys asked to write and produce Hard Candy

Yesterday Pet Shop Boys gave media the chance to pre-listen to 'Yes', their forthcoming new record, in London, for review purposes only and, after the album listening, Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys frontman) held a Q&A session with reporters.
One of the several questions they asked was about Pet Shop Boys latest (scrapped) collaborations and Neil shockingly stated that after remixing 'Sorry' in 2006, they were contacted again by Warner, in 2007, and asked to write & produce some tracks for an album Madonna was planning at the time (which later became 'Hard Candy').
Sadly, the same week Warner's changed their mind and according to Neil own words 'we got told to forget it as they decided to shove her down the r&b route'.

From PopJustice - thanks to NewYorkMadge


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Unfortunate indeed! Pet Shop Boys have a sense for melodies, something that is lacking when you are shoved down some ghastly routes for buck-making...


"Shove her down the r&b route"? Madonna not in charge of her own material and career?

Don't make me laugh! What a load of tosh!


Unfortunate! I love Pet Shop Boys, was so happy when they remixed Sorry, and hope they work with Madonna again sometime. They are highly underrated in the U.S.

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