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Madonna 'to close Finnish sea' for concert

Madonna has applied to close the seas around Helsinki, Finland so she can commandeer a small island to stage a gig for 80,000 people, according to reports.
The Holiday hitmaker is taking her Sticky & Sweet world tour to Jatkasaari, Helsinki in August.
And she has applied to officials to close the sea and airspace over the area to prevent ticketless fans from enjoying the spectacle for free, reports Britain's Daily Star Sunday.
A source tells the publication, 'Madonna couldn't find a stadium in Finland big enough for all her fans so instead she's taking over an island.'
'But to stop people watching from the water on boats, she and the promoters have applied to close the sea. She's also worried people will hire helicopters to watch from the sky so she wants to close the airspace over the site as well.'
But locals are not happy with the request and are worried about the effect the concert will have within the community.



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I recommend better to cancel the show in finnish. There are other venues that can handle Madge concert. How about Japan? Australia? HK?

C Gordon

'Enjoy the spectacle for free'? What a load of tosh this report is. I really don't think Madonna is stupid enough not to realise that keeping a helicopter in the air for even a short length of time, would cost far more than any ticket to the concert would cost. It would be many times cheaper to simply go to the concert, or even to travel to another concert of her's elsewhere!! This is a news item for the brainless. Unless of course Madonna really has made the closure moves suggested, in which case I put it to you that she is just pretending to be brainless to drum up interest (unnecessarily in my view) in the concert. Unlikely though.
And as for watching it from a boat, well Madonna's already a tiny speck in the eyesight of those at the back of any watching crowd, so to watch it from even further away, out at sea, would be the most unrewarding thing done in humanity's existance EVER. You may as well turn your back on it, and have a good sail about out at sea.

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