Madonna introduces I Am Because We Are
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Madonna chats to fans on Twitter

Madonna is 'glad' she divorced Guy Ritchie.
The 4 Minutes singer was speaking to fans on her long-time friend and producer Guy Oseary's Twitter page when one admirer wrote: 'Hello Madonna honey am glad you are single again - you made your best music as a single woman! yeehaw!'(sic)
Just minutes later the singer apparently replied: 'Not as glad as I am! M.'
The 50-year-old singer spent 10 minutes online chatting to members of her fan club to thank them for their support and get feedback on their favourite songs for her forthcoming greatest hits album.
'Sitting here with Madonna. Firstly, she wants to say hello to all the fan club members out there,' wrote Oseary.
'Madonna wants to thank all of you that took the time to send in their thoughts for the greatest hits album. We will be online for the next 10 minutes.'
Before she signed off, Madonna accused gossip blogger Perez Hilton of preferring Britney Spears because he made a special video clip for her to play during her current Circus tour.
'You obviously love Britney more cause you made an opening film for her show and not mine. I still love you, - going to sleep! - M,'(sic) Madonna joked.


NOTE: confirmed the chat was real by posting:

Twitter Update - Madonna would like to thank all of the Iconers who visited Guy Oseary's Twitter page to say hi! Stay tuned as Madonna could be back on Twitter again in a near future....

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hey madonna im only 11 years old and i absolootly adore you!!!!!!!!!! Rock on

Maria Ramirez


My name is Maria, and Im from Texas... I just wanted to let u know that ur speach u said at the MTV music awards was amazing. And I know Michael was smilling down and thanking u for those lovely words u said about him. I would like to say something else, dont pay attention to the media, making fun of u..... They are never going to be satisfied I know ur a good person and u have a great heart. I loved u since I was a little girl and i still have ur cassett that I bought when i was only 15. Love ur music as I love Mickaels music. I love you and take care.... Thanks again.





I just want to say that I am an African American and I am sooooo behind this move you are making. I don't understand the disdain or deep concern from some of my culture. I wonder how they would feel if it were them in the orphanage. Would they want to stay there rather than to go to the home of a Caucasion woman who would love them and treat them to a wonderful life?!

I'm not saying that I agree with everything that you do, because you sure have made some videos, etc that I really don't condone, but aside from your career moves that I strongly disapprove of, I strongly approve of your unbiased love for children. You can't help who your heart choses for you....I will keep you and that darling little baby in my prayers. I pray that God's will will be done. I feel that this is meant to be.

Peace be with you and TONE DOWN THE SEXUALITY WOMAN! It is already everywhere we would be nice to see SOME of it dissipate. - it's said in love & peace.

two fingers....

perry nelson

dear madonna

read your about your troubles with the courts, i can not say to you the feelings that come are in me has one being part of a large family myself. i think back about the life i have shared with nine other brothers and sisters as we were all loaded up into a 1963 ford wagon and was heading to grandma's in arkansas,

this was an special time we all shared, it was night time and we all were normally asleep at this time. but now here we were driving up out of the st joseph valley and the shy was now as dark as we have ever seen it, now that we were up out of the city lights.

we all shared our views of the million of stars that twigle inthe dark night sky, some wish up on the falling stars, others located the dippers and the other stars, some just fail off to sleep. but the moments were ours as a family.

today we are now grown and we still recall those moments, so i say go for it for the bigger the better when thanksgiving is here at mom house.


it's better for a child to have one parent rather than been left alone on an orphanage, madonna is doing what is correct cause even if the girl she wants to adopt has a grandmother or an aunt, it's clear they can not bring her up since she has been left on an orphanage, so it will be a great miracle for the girl's life if she becomes part of madonna's family.


why are people making such a big deal that she's a single mother?? when she first adopted david she said she would consider adopting again. brad and angelina are not married so why is it ok for them to adopt and not madonna?? personally i think its none of our business and she's going out of her way to avoid the press while shes there, so if shes happy thats all that really matters.

Jeff Leypoldt

Ciao Madonna, I saw I AM BECAUSE WE ARE, and was riveted. Edith and Sinode's story was beyond words - watching her desperation for medical care was heartbreaking. When I learned she died four months later, leaving behind her daughter, it was just too much. The stories and lives on this country are an awakening. Thank you to you and Nathan for your education of this epidemic and disgrace in our society. I support your work, time and effort and want to help.

Hello madonna i thing it is good wanted to help people who need it
But you should not adopt again as you are single mother, you are very busy and this kids will live in the front of the world. i do like madonna
But this is not wright especially, you can help them in many other ways by helping them with the education, with medical condition, or feeding them the best that you can we see thing that you do not see because of you life style with all the respect this is my opinion and millions think carfully and act. by

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