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Madonna donates clothes to orphanage


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madge!will u marry me???

Louise Tomassi

All I have to say is, Where is Jesus? Apparently he was glued to her all night, I havent seen any evidence of this yet???

Ruben Brems

She keeps getting hotter!. Jesus indeed!


She looks absolutely stunning!!!
Her hair, her face, everything!!
I would kill to look this amazing at 50!


absolutely glamorous! just missing music video and new songs from the Queen....


Bless her sexy butt and her sexy eyes.

Madonna is a goddess. Her candy store has a lot of goodies in it.

Byounce looks and sounds over the top. There are plenty of Byounces around, but there is only one Madonna Madjestic Queen of the Universe.


SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC!!she looks so natural she can't go wrong. She looks 30 years younger wow!!!The dress she is wearing is classic it's like going back in time.

mario sanchez

She looks pretty! U there's so much haters that she's trying too hard to look young blah, blah, blah. She's fit & she looks stunning for 50!


i just love her!!!!


Madonna's cheeks are too full - she needs to stop getting injections or whatever else she's doing. The dress is not her best either. She's trying too hard.


absolutley stuning! not in a million years you would say this woman is 50 y.o.
She has the face and the body of thirty y.o. she can show that skin whenever she go M!




she looks great, but i would have liked the dress better if it were fuller at the bottom. the top is great, but the bottom just kind of hangs there.
the hair is hot.


She looks great.


She´s so cute!!

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