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US Magazines: W Magazine Preview

A preview of Madonna's Blame it On Rio photoshoot for W magazine has premiered online at the magazines website - - check out the site for 24 hot, hot, hot pictures of Madonna!

A powerful, sexy woman and her boyish plaything. Sounds familiar? In sultry Rio de Janeiro, the ever-provocative, newly single superstar teams up with photographer Steven Klein for a no-holds-barred 46 page portfolio. Once again, Madonna does it her way.

Thanks to Melanie

UPDATE: It appears that W magazine have taken the pictures offline from their site now.


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I love your site. I check it every day. lol
My friends think I'm nuts that I know so much. And it's all cuz of this.

And I have a preview here of the shots too:

I'll probably get in trouble and be forced to take them down or something.

I'll be honest, I love Steven Klein and Madonna together. I think she looks FABULOUS. I think it's effortlessly glamourous and totally edgy.

So sick of the stuff I see in In Style. I hope she never goes that route. She's always been more on the high art side.

Obviously, the commentary is a joke. OBVIOUSLY.
Anyway, cheers Madonnalicious.

Adrianne Huntington

I agree in part with vanity, new photographer!!
However, Madonna does look good.


how can i get this magazine ? I live in France and I wish I could get it. Have you got an web adress ?


yes....that´s the Madonna I have been missing these 8 last years


^ What he said!!!!


um it is not taken us to the page


okay, i love Madonna; but to be honest, i'm not a big fan of this photo shoot. i'm tired of steven klein's work with her. overall, she looks good, but occasionally quite old, frail, and trashy--and not in a good way.

Ashley are DELICIOUS.


wow she looks so hot... love the photoshoot!!!!!!!!!

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