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Billboard's Moneymakers 2008

If anyone had any doubt that touring is where the money is in the music business, a quick look at the top moneymakers for 2008 should hammer the point home.
Regardless of genre, retail sales, or radio play, each of the top 20 acts on Billboard's Moneymakers list toured in 2008. For almost all of them touring generated the most revenue. And in a year when recorded music sales declined yet again, many earned more at the box office than ever before.

#1 - Madonna - $242,176,466
#2 - Bon Jovi - $157,177,766
#3 - Bruce Springsteen - $156,327,964
#4 - The Police - $109,976,894
#5 - Celine Dion - $99,171,237

The top 5 moneymakers are also the five acts that earned the most on tour, and in the same order, according to Billboard Boxscore. Eight of the 10 moneymakers are in the Boxscore top 10.
Even more remarkable,the top moneymaker - Madonna - only had the 50th best selling album in the U.S. She ranked 14 on the list digital track sellers and didn't place on the ringmaster chart.
Her place on moneymaker list, like her $242,175,466 income, comes from the highest earning tour that took place in 2008. In fact, those questing whether Madonna rates a reported 10 year 120 million 360 deal with Live Nation might want to reconsider. Madonna's Stick & Sweet tour was the highest grossing tour of 2008, production costs may cost up to 40% of the gross, according to Industry estimates.
Of course, nothing helps reduce tour production costs like more touring. So Madonna will perform another run of concerts this summer - 25 shows in the United Kingdom and Europe - which will add to the take of the top grossing tour by a female or solo artist. Outside the United Kingdom, all the of Madonna's shows will be stadiums, so she will gross several millions per night. By fall, 'Sticky & Sweet' will have run of 80 shows and earn a place in the top 5 grossing tours of all time.

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