Testino kicked Madonna into touch
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A party thrown by Madonna - that's got to be magic!

Nicole Kidman was manning the door and helping to take guests' coats and shawls.
Sharon Stone was chowing down on onion bhajis, while Cameron Diaz was mopping up the vegetarian curry with naan bread.
There was a definite Slumdog Millionaire theme at the late-night, post-Oscar party Madonna threw with Demi Moore at the mansion owned by Madge's manager, Guy Oseary.
Spread out in the kitchen were traditional Indian dishes including chicken tikka masala and various biriyanis.
There were other goodies, too. One guest even jokingly (I hope) asked for a deep-fried Mars bar. I gather he had once spent a drunken night in Glasgow and claimed to have tasted the Scottish delicacy.
Sean 'Diddy' Combs was the DJ and MC. When best supporting actress Oscar winner Penelope Cruz sashayed in, he announced: 'Penel-o-p-e Cruuuz is in the house!'
Most people party-hopped from the Vanity Fair bash and Elton John's charity event to end up at Madge's, where the tennis courts had been covered over and topped with a marquee. Sofas and chairs were provided for the weary to rest themselves on.
And there were plenty of mints in little bowls, for those who didn't want early morning curry breath.

From the Baz Bamigboye / Daily Mail


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I'm getting hungry for Indian food take out after reading this!

Like the other commenter, I wish I was there at the party.


Deep fried Mars Bars aren't from Glasgow. I don't know any Scottish people who eat them and I've never tried one. Can't these hacks get anything correct?


I wish I was a fly on that wall. So many A-listers! FIERCE!


Interesting article :o)...oh,deep fried mars bars originated from the North East of Scotland, not Glasgow! ;o)

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