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Fans can take part in a new madonnalicious poll asking 'What are you most looking forward to from Madonna in 2009?' The poll can be found in the right-hand column on this news page.

The poll options are:

- Greatest Hits Part 3
- Louis Vuitton Campaign
- Nathan Rissman's Tour Documentary
- Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD
- 'Surprise' Appearance On Britney's Tour
- W Magazine Photoshoot By Steven Klein


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the tour DVD of course, I think it's the best tour she has ever made!!!!!!!!!


i agree with sound factory-american life was not a great album-confessions-yes-but hard candy-it's awful!! i hate all this timbaland shit-what happened to madonna that lead the crowd-not followed it!!& even though miles away had no real promotion-that chart position was just plain embarrassing!! come on girl-you can do so much better.

Knock 'Em Alive

Maybe i was wrong about "Across The Sky." Check this report out:

Timbaland responds to false Shock Value 2 reports
You didn't read anything about them on these pages, but multiple erroneous reports about Timbaland's forthcoming "Shock Value 2" album stormed the internet in the past weeks. Last Tuesday, the "Hard Candy" co-producer got on the phone with - which the reports were incorrectly attributed to - and set the record straight.

"It's funny," Timbo said about the surprisingly detailed report, which claimed it was based on an advance preview of five tracks from the album. "I'm surprised people are watching me like that. I am recording the album, but I don't know none of them joints, none of them songs. That's just bogus."

As for an official track listing, the production wizard was mum - and he didn't confirm or deny whether any of the artists listed in the report will appear on the album. He did speak generally about the album's direction, however.

"I'm just revamping. I'm not even at a stage to say where I'm at. I'm not at a beginning, I'm not at a middle. I'm just zoning out trying to find a new sound I wanna attack, and I think I got it. It's something you never heard, something I never tried.

"It might be something you might have heard, I don't know," Timbaland added. "I'm trying to figure it out myself. I'm just having a bunch of fun right now. I don't wanna go too left, but I wanna give them something different."
Tim did say the album is coming in 2009.



What about the rumoured Glastonbury headline show in the summer? I'm thinking about going for the 1st time and if her Madgesty is headlining then it will be Xtra special!!!


please madonna, no more abba samples, no more britney and justin/timbaland stuff....

just be creative again!!!!!
can´t believe she did all this crap over the last 4 years.....


Beat goes on Single, dvd sticky & Sweet y el documental!!!!

sound factory

ha ha...

Greatest Hits 3

what? american life, hollywood, love profusion, nothing fails, hung up, sorry, get togther, jump, hey you, 4 minutes, give it 2 me, miles away.....

ha ha... this was madonna´s worst decade guys.. I am so disappointed, less creative ....

i mean: come on.. hung up and 4 minutes what the fuck????


im waiting for Sticky & Sweet tour dvd
i cant wait till murch it is so late! cause i live in iran and it takes some weeks more to see this great show
please release it a little bit sooner
thanks madonna


i haven't heard anything definitive about a box set, but Warner will most likely screw it up as they often do.


Are there ANY news regarding the Box Set or compilation from Warner?

I am willing to spend 100+ bucks on a really good box set marking Madonna's 25 years in the music industry.

I am concerned that Warner will only come up with a lukewarm offering (a la GHV2).

Immaculate collection was, IMHO one of the best Greatest Hits compilation EVER by any artist, from packaging to song choices, from liner notes to the inclusion of state of the art technology in the recording process (qsound, which now is, in a way or another, integrated as 3d tech in almost all recordings, as common as reverb or echo).
AND 2 new songs that marked a departure for Madonna sound-wise.

Can Warner be up to the task or are we facing filler??

Knock 'Em Alive

Don't forget about the new song with JT on Timbaland's upcoming album. I believe its called "Across The Sky."


"Beat goes on" single+ clip


I cannot choose. I want everything and more!


so is it a sure thing that Nathan Rissman
shot an actual tour documentary of the S & S tour?

or was he simply shooting the DVD extras..?

can anyone tell me if there is actually a full length
doc about the tour like I'm Going To Tell You A Secret?

any valid info in this topic would be greatly appreciated




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