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Madonna's recent night out with photographer Steven Klein was featured in UK newspaper the Daily Mail yesterday. The article suggested that just because Madonna had straight blonde hair, red lipstick and wore a big black coat that she was copying Kate Winslet's look! Mmmm.


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Right so a blonde with red lippy on is copying Kate Winslet...?

Never mind that Kate Winslet's recent photoshoot was straight out of the sex book.


they both look fab!!, so young and fresh

Linda S

Amazing Beauty. Madonna looks well rested; that's what she needs to do more often!


Strangely Madonna has fewer, if any, lines in her face than Kate... Feels.. So, so...


Good going Madonna.
You look great.

Nik Stamps

W.O.W. I swear when I first saw this photo, I assumed it was from 15 some years ago, I guess Blonde Ambition era as many have said. I am shocked she looks this young and this looks like a paparazzi photo not some studio-retouched pic. I love it, can’t get over her hotness, combined with the story of her and the 20 year old guy, it makes me much more hopeful my 26 year old looks could easily get her. I can only pray…..


I really like madonna's look of late - she looks more old school and natural.... love it!


It's funny how the UK Press is turning on Madonna now; since her divorce from that "Guy".

Now to comment about her stealing Kate's look. Well I could remember back in the "Ray Of Light" ERA - it was so funny how Kate took Madonna's look. Let's compare B4 we start to throw the "bite" word around!

Madonna looks STUNNING!


she looks great no doubt...but she looks so much sexier with longer makes her look like a teenager..she looks better now than while touring because she was exausted..not because of the hair..she will ALWAYS look much better with longer hair.


Wow. My 2 favorite women on Earth together. The 2 greatest godesses alive.


I thought it was a Blond Ambition area photo too! She looks GREAT in the shot.


LOL when i first saw this picture, i was sure this one were part of the "Blond Ambition" hang outs... she looks so young.. and so "not" Kate Winslet hehe

Miss Fitz

OMG. Two of my favorite women. Awesome!


WOW, I guess a little rest does a body good! She looks amazing, at least 10 years younger.


WOW, does resemble KATE. both are FIERCE!!!!!!!!! Kudos to Madonna for also being like 15 years + Kates senior.


WOW!! I love it!! It's good to see her looking like Madonna again!! I think the divorce really did stress her and made her look so guant!!! She should just gain about 10 more lbs! :)


SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it just me or does Kate look like the 50 year old and Madonna looks in her late 20's early 30's?

I Love Madonna with the red lippy x x x


OMG How great does Madonna look here. She looks almost identical to the Blonde Ambition era when she used to be out and about. I think she looks so much younger with her hair shorter. Wasn't too keen on the long look which lasted forever. She looked great then, but looks amazing now.

If the rumours are true that Guy held her back as he didn't want her to cut her hair short then I am looking forward to future Madonna. I think Madonna will now get back on track to being Madonna as she used to be now that Ritchie is out of the way.

Can't wait for her new stuff x x


WOOOOOOOOOOW She looks so good!


She looks amazing!


She looks much younger, healthier in this style... beautiful


elle est trop magnifique


Wow...she looks simply gorgeous!


oh please...M is the trail blazer here ; )

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