Tour rumours continue to grow
Why is Madonna horsing around in Palm Beach?


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Well that was the most hateful comment anyone could write. Certainly Madonna is to some degree, as Tracy admitted, a professional athlete. However, Madonna wouldn't be training with someone who couldn't assist her in getting what she wanted, be it a smaller butt or more energy, etc. Also Madonna wouldn't endorse anyone/thing she didn't think was worthy or would be helpful to others (check out Tracy's webisodes for Raising Malawi). Personally I think she and her program is groovy - works for me and at the end of the day, that's all that's important.


i'v been waiting and WAITING impatiently for Tracy to come out with a video...FINALLY! If God granted me ONE wish it would be to workout with Madonna!...and then go for a cup of coffee:) The videos are great, especially the mat work and i pretend that Tracy is training me AND Madonna together...its inspiring. I cant wait for the next video!


Madonna's always had a fantastic figure...way before this girl turned up. She shouldn't be too quick to take credit. If Madonna wasn't USING her it would just be someone else..Enjoy your 15 minutes bitch.

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