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The source that the DVD is coming is from the Warner Bros Marketing Team. Also Madonna's management team has stated that the DVD is coming as well and is in the middle of editing, they've missed the Nov/Dec 2009 release as they're behind and in Post Production, but stay tuned as it will be out quite soon for sure.


cant wait to have a copy of that dvd.though still waiting for the RIT dvd. Thanks for including "You'll see" in the Celebration DVD, one of her finest!!


@Kevin: Do you have a source about that? When I read your message it sounds like they could announce it next week and release it 14 days after the announcement?


It’s been the long awaited DVD that many have been looking forward to, but have been faced with delays that have included the extension of Madonna’s tour into another year as well as legalities between her former record company and new record company trying to grab hold of the rights. Expect the DVD release very quickly in November of 2009, just in time for the holidays. Warner Bros. is gearing up on an ad campaign, so you may be hearing about it sooner than you think...FINALLY.

Stephen Vallejos

Well I hope this dvd comes out in november as a dvd+cd, as I read from the other comments. I just love the live concert cd's of her because of the remixes and the way she sounds. Hopefully its true I cant wait till this november.


I wont come out till 2010...madonna is on tour this summer in europe performing the same show so we'll have to wait until the 2009 tour finishes


The DVD will be released on NOVEMBER 2009.




I hope this report is not a fake. It would just be torture alone waiting for this dvd, and then saying that it is not coming out. That would be toying with my emotions if it does not come out. I hope it comes out as soon as possible. Cant wait for the release!!!!


espero que sea pronto.

Bernardo Díaz Carrizo

Lo mejor es que el DVD fue grabado en Sudamérica, específicamente en Buenos Aires, Argentina...
Espero que en algún momento del show o del documental incluyan las imágenes grabadas en Chile...


2 things:
1 think it's s double disc set but not neccisarily two DVDs. I think one will be a dvd and one a cd...
2. This BETTER come out on Blu Ray

Dita's Bitch

i cant wait either. but i'm also not in the mood to have my emotions played with either. i dont want a bunch of false reports and dates pushed back. if they are saying March then PLEASE be March 2009 (and early March would be best). i wonder how/if this will play out with WB greatest hits cd.


I certainly hope this is true! Can't wait. At least it won't be as long as the nearly year-and-a-half wait for the "Confessions" DVD! That was torture.


Omg I can't wait!!!

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