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Raising Malawi: Impact Awards Voting

It's easy to assume that great achievements come easy to an organization with international scope and the support of a famous name. But the truth is that Raising Malawi needs your help. Right now.
The MySpace Impact Award means invaluable publicity that will generate a new tide of donations and volunteering.
But it won't happen if Raising Malawi fails to win a majority of votes. As of this writing, the tally is close. And there is not a moment to lose.
For the children of Malawi, the difference between life and death can be made in few minutes, in mere drops of water, or by just couple of dollars.
It can even come down to one single vote.
Please vote for Raising Malawi at www.myspace.com/impactawards right now, and every day through to Friday 23 January.
You must be logged in to MySpace to vote. If you don't have a profile, creating one is quick and easy.

Madonna herself has posted the message below on her Myspace.

Malawi is a beautiful country that has been absolutely devastated by disease, poverty, and insufficient resources. An entire generation of Malawian parents has been wiped out, and countless children continue to suffer and die needlessly every day.
But when I look at the people of Malawi, I don’t see a poor nation’s many problems. I see tremendous possibility. When I look into the eyes of the children there, I don’t see the mistakes of previous generations, I see the future of our world.
That’s why I’m asking you to join Raising Malawi and become an ambassador for Malawi’s children. Saving them means nothing less than rescuing our collective future.
We have no time to waste. Vote for Raising Malawi right now, and help save lives.



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