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Fans who missed the broadcast of the BBC Radio 2 show 30 at 50 have until tomorrow (Tuesday 06 January) to catch up with the show on the BBC iPlayer via

madonnalicious reader Mandi caught the show and had this to say about it:

Just thought I'd mention that I listened to this show which was actually very good. The programme featured interviews with other stars talking (postively) about Madonna, archive news footage and interesting archive interviews with the lady herself (including Madonna reading some Winnie The Pooh in 1995).

If you can't listen to the whole show here's Madonna's Top 30 Best Selling singles in the UK based on official figures as featured on the show (in reverse order):

#30 - Dress You Up
#29 - Hanky Panky
#28 - Justify My Love
#27 - Causing A Commotion
#26 - Dear Jessie
#25 - Ray Of Light
#24 - This Used To Be My Playground
#23 - Erotica
#22 - Live To Tell
#21 - Gambler
#20 - Borderline
#19 - You'll See
#18 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
#17 - Who's That Girl
#16 - American Pie
#15 - Material Girl
#14 - Music
#13 - 4 Minutes
#12 - La Isla Bonita
#11 - Vogue
#10 - Frozen
#9 - Beautiful Stranger
#8 - Like A Prayer
#7 - Hung Up
#6 - True Blue
#5 - Papa Don't Preach
#4 - Crazy For You
#3 - Holiday
#2 - Like A Virgin
#1 - Into The Groove


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I admit I'm only responding to this because I have something negative to say. Well, somewhat. But I also realize it's an opportunity to say thank you for your site. I visit it about 3xs a week and really appreciate the pics and info.

I wish you'd have more info on the next single, the next album and all that jazz.
I do appreciate the pics and info you do provide though - and realize you probably give me the most recent info as soon as you can.

But here's the criticism: in your description of how Madonna looks in the US weekly pic, post-tour, you say she looks great. And yes, her face does. Her arms, however, look like that of a 90 year old woman. Seriously, look at that pic again.

I love her no matter how she looks. But the truth is the truth. She doesn't look great unless you ignore the arms.


The countdown should include 50 songs? :) Radio: 50 at 50.....


It's interesting that "Sorry", which was a UK number 1, didn't make the top 30 biggest selling songs when singles which charted much lower (Dear Jessie and Dress You Up were both number 5) sold more.

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