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It's official! Madonna to tour again this summer

Madonna fans, are you ready for more?
We are happy to confirm that the rumors are true: Madonna has decided to extend her 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour. She is looking forward to an amazing summer in Europe, hitting the cities she didn't get a chance to in 2008.
While detailed itinerary will be released later this week, we highly encourage you to wait for official on-sale dates and info before ordering tickets to rumored shows and venues.
Get ready for another hot summer....Madonna is hitting the road again!

From Madonna.com


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this is so unfair , once again is avoids australia and tours europe, which considering the world is in economic collapse why the hell is going to go to the same countries again where she is more than likely not even going to sell out her shows . come to australia we have money to burn trust me when p!nk sells out 45 shows here in australia we got to burn. we understand that "drowned wordl tour" didnt come due to the bad aussie dollar , we also understood when u made the bullshit story up bout your kids needing to get back to school which u conveintly remembered on japan leg of the tour , and we also understand that due america destroying the world economy our dollar collapsed again and our promoters pulled , but to suffer a third time on the one tour is a bit much and to see her go to europe again not even 1 year later is a huge slap in the face to your aussie fans . every other artist can come with huge productions etc but madonna seems to always miss us ...... maybe she should drop her fees a bit as she already got more money than she needs .... or maybe it the long flight and with her age(don't worry madge just packa couple of oxygen tanks u will be fine u will make it here )

we love madonna but there is only so much we can take with hearing she is coming and not coming then coming then not again ... its a real kick in the guts ... oh well we will keep waiting and waiting and waiting

i jsut hope with this tour she tucks her ass back into her body suit a bit as im sorry it does not look good with it all hanging out as much as it has been :P


Well,yes, i must admit I'm surprised about her decision to come back on the road again but in the same time i'm all excited and I can't wait for Feb 6th to get my ticket for London...I'm sorry guys but all this bitching about her trying to grab money on her fans' back or being on the verge of desperation etc. is sooooo boring and ridiculous...And for those who hold her too easily responsible for transport shambole after her wembley's concert, get a grip!I saw S&S and it's absolutely stunning!!! So if you're tired of her, why don't you just move on? otherwise, enjoy the Queen and what she has to offer and STOP WHINGEING!!!!


The only reason most of you are on here is because you love Madonnas music or just Madonna so stop bitching and be pleased she is coming back on tour again so soon with Wembly its so big you really get what you pay i brought gold circle v.i.p hot package and had a great night so have just registerd on L/N to get pre sales on 4th of feb and am looking forward to seeing Madonna again.


well it doesnt please fans, but remember she's touring markets she had never visit, so she's gaining new fans as well!!..she will do what she wants...and it's a new thing for her....as its the first time she's relaunching a tour ever in her career!! I had so much fun with S&S!! She was hot!!


I am disappointed because I was hoping for things that are bigger and better from Madonna this year, maybe there will be if she's not too busy with the tour. Also It may delay the DVD I was looking forward to for another 6 months.
I believe the S&S tour success was attributed to how good the Confession tour was. The S&S tour was no doubt good but I can't help but feel something was missing. There was a lot of dancing and jumping around but it didn't have that much "Madonna" in it. I was expecting more sexy, provocative and more attitude (Which what Confession tour and most of her other tours had). With the exception of "Vougue" where I really felt like I was watching Madonna perform, the rest I felt like watching my aerobic instructor.

I feel that we all are lucky to have a chance to watch the best Pop star in the history perform in our lifetime, and I am by no means bitching about her work, I just want to see her even better.




A new tour is of course a dream. The rest is irrelevant for real fans.


I would rather have a new album and then a new tour. This seems like she wants more money from her fans... I dont wanna sound like Im complaining... Dont get me wrong her shows are amazing, but why tour for an album that would be more than a year old???


I hate the fact that she always ignores the fans in Asian regions (well, Japan could be the ONLY exception) and Australia...


Well I for one am not happy about it simply b/c she is not coming to the US! Other than that I think all the people in Europe complaining is ridiculous, you should be overjoyed! Then again they complained throught the whole tour round one so why not be consistent!




why go on with this tour ???? I really wonder...

I have been a huge Madonna admirer for the last 2 decades... this tour was the weakest ever.....

Andy Forbes

I can't believe she's doing a second leg of this tour. Sticky & Sweet wasn't the best artistically. Just a reworking of The Confessions Tour which in my opinion was the best. To me she seemed a little tired on last years tour. I can't imagine she's too excited about this years tour. It's getting kind of stale.


Hmm. I am a big fan, but this does seem to be all about the money. Shame for Australian and Asian fans - its a great show. But I was looking forward to a new start!! And for sure the DVD will be delayed now.


Nice, Kevin!
I agree completely. Radio is terrible and I avoid it at all costs, but its power is undeniable. M's latest albums are NOT bad, but they're being ignored because the promotion is off (not to mention, America has a huge problem with anyone over 30). UGH!
so disappointing!


Fantastic, I saw Sticky & Sweet in Cardiff and Paris, please come to Scotland!!!


I remember reading somewhere that her deal w/ LiveNation was for potentially 5 tours (could you imagine!?) Will this count as a second tour? I wonder if LN is driving this decision, and that Madonna is contractually obligated to do it...

I guess I am grasping at straws because, for an artist famous for perpetual reinvention, this is truly a first. As much fun it always is to see Madonna live, I felt that S&S was pretty much Confessions 2.0. The pacing, tone and re-imagining of her hits were so incredibly similar to Confessions! So why do it again, AGAIN?

The time she has left to perform in this capacity is limited. 5 years maybe?

John Lopiano

im gonna be bankrupt!!!!!!! lol


I said it last year when she signed the livenation deal, you're gonna see madonna on the road more often. that's the only way livenation will recoup there money from this deal. she certainly won't be selling enough cds to put a dent in the deal.

secondly, I'm sure the tour will be reworked & hopefully it will be unlike the first leg. maybe well get to see some of those songs that were on the original leaked setlist like "nothing really matters" & "impressive instant". this however might delay the dvd.

Lastly, the tour will probably head east this time around. she'll probably be in europe no more then a month. then she can make her through major asian cities & finally to australia. maybe even coming back to the u.s.


AWESOME!!!!! too bad she won't be touring the states again or i would be going for sure!


Ok I realize that the Sticky & Sweet tour was the biggest, and best you know....most money raking in tour ever, but c'mon. My thoughts are these, Madonna needs to make an album that actually gets heard on American radio instead of touring in Europe again. Madonna needs to get a great album together with 4 or 5 potential big RADIO hits and then tour the Radio Stations doing interviews and cool outreach to the people (read her potential American audience).

When I tried to get SINGLES played on local RADIO programs the RADIO DJs actually laughed. OK MADONNA fan we'll play Vogue or Like a Prayer again....ARGH!! I realize that Hung Up & Sorry were big number ones in Europe and around the world but American Radio played Hung Up Once all around the world and then threw it in the trash can. 4 minutes got a bit more on air spins and then also got consigned to the dust bin of artists who have forgotten about the power of radio. Second singles like Give It 2 Me, Sorry, Don't Tell Me, and anything off American Life were forgotten about even b4 they were sent to radio stations for possible Radio plays.

All my friends, people who loved when Madonna was all over radio and MTV either think Madonna died or gave up a long time ago or just doesn't care anymore, why?, because they don't ever hear a great new song to rock out to on the radio while their driving or where ever your listening to the radio.

If any LIVEnation people ever read this trolling FAN sites to read the weather patterns of fan likes and dislikes I hope to GOD they read this. When Distribution hacks forget the power of Radio to get fans around the world excited, radio listeners stop listening to the artists.

American Radio In General forgot why Madonna was cool sometime after Bedtime stories and Maybe around Evita, Ray of Light was a great album and all, but sold 1/3 of sales for Like A Virgin, and True Blue in america and American Madonna music sales and Radio air spins for new material since have had a few high points while on a downward trajectory to Radio heat death; examples being Frozen (ROL) and Music (music), Hung Up (Confessions), and 4 Minutes (Hard Candy).

That said Madonna is still considered a Big Star in the world, and in America an old, historical Big Star from the 80's and early 90's and her presence at Radio Stations would be like setting off a Nuke. "OMG, is Madonna in the radio station, is she singing her new song LIVE on the RADIO?"

Stop phoning in interviews to Radio DJs. When we listen we realize what you're doing and that they the DJS and us the radio audience are not special enough to warrant a in person interview and so why should we pay any attention to an artist that phones in her interviews.

Hard Candy Madonna's most recent album had several songs that could have been BIG on the radio including Dance 2night, Beat goes On, Give it 2 Me, Heartbeat, Incredible and Miles away but their potential was pissed away by someone, who? radio execs? A&R people? Distribution people? Whoever it was in the end the buck stops at madonna's feet. How many number 1's could she have had in AMerican radio with these songs? We'll never know as they never got listened to on the radio.

It's heartbreaking for this fan that so much great music and potential was again pissed away. I want all Madonna albums to have the promotion and radio expression they deserve. Madonna's music isn't just inspiring it rocks hard and it's just soooo damn sad that a truly great artist is forgotten by the American audience.

Thank you for your time reading this and your attention. I hope that Madonna is once again The Queen of Pop(radio) and that greater attention is brought to her American radio audience, the fertile earth that helped her first Album, Like A Virgin, and True blue grow to Diamond status in the US. In a present like ours were MTV and VH1 show more dumb reality shows, RADIO again is the New MTV. Think about that for a minute.

RADIO IS THE CONTEMPORARY MTV. The internet is cool and all but it's made for diehard fans to hunt and peck to find madonna. RADIO is free, omnipresent and in your ears! Where all good new singles are heard.

Peace & Blessings
Kevin Niziol
Pennslyvannia, USA


OK, so I see I am not the only one belly-aching. In the Madonna.com forums I was told to shut up because I was the only "American" upset LOL.

The reason she is doing this is clear: the € (Euro). Over half of her revenue (20 plus more million than made in the US) was made in Europe, to the tune of 119 million. Live Nation is cleverly trying to spin this as Madonna giving all thos poor Euro countrys she never visits a chance to see. Never mind all of Asia (major & minor) Afirca, the Middle East and last, but not least AUSTRALIA who don't get to see her. Never mind she promised to visit Australia the last two tours.
No, it's the poor Europeans who can't take a 200 mile trip to the nearest Stadium she's playing at when she came around the first time.

OH and others will go on and on about how economically sensible the choice is, blah blah blah. the truth is she can sell tickets anywhere. She/Live Nation just wants to make money the fastest, easiest way possible. Little care for fans or loyalty this time around.

So much for the lyrics of "Easy Ride" 'ey Madonner? Seems you don't want to work for it as hard as you claim....

All hail M's Sticky Fingers, € Extension Tour!

OH and by the way, I still love Madonna, Madonna my Love! Just not this recent bout of greed :(


Again Madonna fans are not pleased. I for one am thrilled that I will get to see Madonna again live. Why do you people always have to moan so much. You're lucky you are going to have an opportunity to watch the show again!


Exactly what I thought. Live Nation is trying to milk its cash cow while she's still a hot touring act. I'm sure its readily apparent to management that their stock has been pummeled recently and they need to recoup money from her $120 million contract.


i dont get.. i already seen the tour & the dvd supposedly coming out in march.. so i dont get the logic behind it!

even if she played in a more local venue to me, than wembley, i wouldnt be forking out cash again!

wembley was an overpriced shit venue.. i couldnt see her.. even with binoculars & the sound was shit.. if anything, i`m due a free ticket as compensation!!!!

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