Madonna wrapping North American tour
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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Miami Fan Pictures - Part 1

madonnalicious reader Garrett attended the last show of the North American leg of the tour last night in Miami. The show featured some very special guests on stage!

Hi, just got back from a great show in Miami! Pharrell and Timbaland made special appearances on stage. Timbaland came on for '4 Minutes' and Pharrell came on for the last song 'Give It 2 Me'. Also a special guest was in the audience tonight....front row right at the end of the catwalk....A-Rod!


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Robin (Maddysbutterfly)

Oh, what a night, late November back in 2008. What a special time for me, cause I remember what a night.
I just have to say, when Madonna sang her song,"You Must Love Me", I was the first one to woo her when it was silent during that song. I do love you, Madonna. Thank you a life long memory.

Leslie Josephson

My husband and I were also at the Miami concert and had the best time!! I had a hard time walking the next day from dancing soo much!! Shouldn't wear heels! What a show...we thought it was better than the "Confessions Tour" we saw 2 yrs ago. Madge is still awesome.


I've seen Madge three times in concert--including this show in Miami--and while any Madonna show is a fantastic one, I can definitely say there's a big difference in a "stadium" show versus an "arena" show.


2 bad i didn't go. it's just an hr away

madonna girl

Wow! Great pictures, you must have been close. Her concert was amazing.

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