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Madonna played her first concert in Detroit since 2001 at Ford Field last night. madonnalicious reader Jennifer sent in this report from the show:

Madonna appeared on stage in Detroit at about 9:40pm. She had a huge smile on her face as she took the stage at Ford Field. In metro Detroit, Madge normally plays the nearby Palace of Auburn Hills....but tonight she played the massive football stadium.
The crowd at Ford Field about 40,000. Several times during the night she talked about how happy she was to be home. She said 'Detroit Rock City, give it up for your hometown girl' and 'I need to tell you it's good to be home. There's no place like home'. She also mentioned her father was in the crowd.
The request song was Material Girl. The fans first requested Causing a Commotion, but Madonna said she would not sing that song.
She looked great, the crowd was wild and the show was amazing. A great homecoming in Detroit for Madonna.


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It was off the hook!! She looked amazing and gave the crowd all she had. The Ford Field on the other hand was very disorganized. It took us a hour just to get in!!


Material Girl is so Re-Invention. Boo.


First off, the show was amazing!!!!! But for the venue, it was incredibly disorganized and the crowd in my section was a total DRAG!!!! They were the worst, most lame bunch of people I've ever seen at a Madonna show!!! If you don't want to dance and have a good time, stay home! This was not the opera!


I was there in the 11th row and it was so much fun! Madonna seemed like she was having a blast. She mentioned Detroit/being home more than 13 times! And she had a smile on her face for most of the night. She's INCREDIBLE. And we scored Material Girl as our request song :)


Madonna has always single-mindedly done what SHE wants. Why bother having a "request" section when you don't give the request people want? Bizarre behaviour!

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