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Sticky & Sweet Tour: Detroit Reviews

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour stop in Detroit last night gained some glowing reviews from the Detroit newspapers today:

Madonna returns to Michigan with exacting, entertaining spectacle
If you’re going to wait so long to come home, you might as well do it up right.
Dropping into her old stomping grounds Tuesday night for her first show here in seven years, Madonna wowed a crowd of about 30,000 at Ford Field, serving up the sort of oversized oomph to match her stature as pop queen.
It was just as promised: a stylish sensory overload, brimming with high-end video, sublime lighting, strapping dance numbers and an array of pulsing hits. The homegrown hall of famer, tight and sinewy, was an onstage dynamo, whirling and gyrating her way through the biggest concert spectacle Detroit will see this year.
From an elevated throne - where she perched spread-eagled in a fringed black leotard - Madonna kicked into Candy Shop to launch an energetic, edge-of-risqué set that belied her 50 years.
She didn’t acknowledge her homecoming until midway through, when she clicked her heels a la Dorothy and uttered, 'There’s no place like home.' Later, she paid tribute to Detroiters’ storied toughness, and wryly prodded the audience to clap along: 'I don’t come here very often, so please make a big deal about it.'

To read the rest of the review visit The Detroit Free Press -

Madonna lights up hometown with Ford Field show
It's been seven long years since Madonna last played her hometown, but when she arrived on stage Tuesday night at Ford Field - fittingly, on nothing less than a throne - the enormous grin on her face said it all: It was good to be home.
She said as much during her livewire two-hour concert, sprinkling hometown sentiment and 'it's good to be home'-isms throughout the show. But she let her feelings really be known near the end of the night, before a sing-along portion of the show which included a karaoke-style version of her hit song 'Material Girl.'
'I don't come here very often,' she told the crowd of 30,000, 'so please make a big deal about it!'
It wasn't hard to. The homegrown superstar - way before she became the biggest star in all the land, she was just a kid from Rochester Hills with dreams of ruling the world - put on a stadium-worthy celebration that was part concert, part block party, and all fun. Whereas past Madonna extravaganzas have served to titillate or provoke, the focus here seemed to be on having a good time, plain and simple.

To read the rest of the review visit The Detroit News -


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Getting 30000 people in a hard hit recession area of USA to pay high ticket prices, for a late announced concert date is big achievement.

I bet Mariahs and Janets have never had that big of an audience in their entire careers.
Great going Madonna. She made it from small town USA to world domination.

Bless her MaDjesty Madonna Queen of the Universe.

I like the articles.

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