Sticky & Sweet Tour: Denver Fan Pictures - Part 1
Exhibition: Madonna Through Akos' Eyes

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Amy's Like A Virgin Story

You may have read the earlier story about a fan called Amy who requested Like A Virgin during the sing-along at the second Denver show and got an 'interesting' response from Madonna - well here is the picture and story from Amy herself:

Me and four of my friends dressed up as different Madonna's: I was 'Like A Virgin', Effie was 'Material Girl', Diana was 'Music', Jamie was 'Borderline', and Pilar was 'Hung Up'.
We were seated in the third section, but as a result of our outfits we got moved up to the front row! Madonna was singing at us and looking at us in our outfits all night.
Madonna asked me my name and what song I wanted to hear. Of course, I said 'Like A Virgin' and she had me stand up on my chair and show the entire Pepsi Center my outfit! It was the most exciting moment of my life.
She then asked me if I was a virgin, and I said no, and she said 'No, I didn't think so. It was so awesome talking to Madonna! A night I will never forget, that's for sure.


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I flew back home to Denver for both shows! It was hilarious how the crowd erupted in laughter when The Queen asked Amy if she was a virgin. "It's okay, baby. What IS a virgin anyway," Madonna said. Funny stuff!
Watch it on YouTube!


It's about time M DID get a bit friendlier with the fans. Especially with the outrageous ticket prices for her past three tours!!!

angel love


i tell ya, Madonna is becoming more and more friendlier with the fans lately, huh?


I love it! You girls look like you are having so much fun!!!


Yay Amy!! That Story is awesome!! I hope Madonna keeps reaching out to her fans and puts a lil mini documentary for this tour or something together. Because of my experience at the show I have met many fans and actually found some great official remixes because of it!!! Cheers


You can see the video on youtube Amy!!



that's amazing!

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