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Miles Away Remixes Online

Madonna's Miles Away remixes were leaked online this week and are being illegally downloaded and shared. In an attempt to curtail the activity, Warner Music has made the unprecedented move to exclusively offer the leaked remixes to the online dance music retailer, Masterbeat.com.
Warner chose to partner with Masterbeat because the niche retailer was able to make the remixes for sale immediately, as opposed to retail giants, who require weeks to offer items for sale.

Check out the online store at www.masterbeat.com/release/milesaway

UPDATE: Unfortunately these are only available for US customers!


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AAAhhhhhh!!!! I get frustrated at this only available here, only available there!!! Everyone shud get it at the same time. Record companies do my head in!!!!!!

I also want Bland Ambition and Re-Invention on DVD!!!!


Yeah right... they're so worried about people downloading it for free that they have it restricted by region... guess that means they don't want me to pay for it.

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