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Miles Away needs your help in the UK charts!

At this moment in time Miles Away is doing very poorly in the UK single midweek charts.

It is looking like it will be the first single since Borderline in 1984 to miss the top 20 (currently sitting at #38 in the mid-weeks).

Fans can download the remixes seperately from iTunes (not as an EP which only counts as one sale) as well buying the physical release(s) at and

Thanks to Jason and Martin


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So the song has charted at number 39?

To be honest - who cares? I certainly don't and only for the right reasons too.

A lot of people are coming over all distressed at the fact that this has charted so low. With the exception of tracks like Hung Up, Sorry, 4 Minutes, etc, I think most people would prefer to buy Madonna's physical singles to keep their collection going rather than a download irrespective of what the track is like.

I for one did the same thing however I couldn't even find the CD Single at our Huddersfield HMV branch so I just ordered it off the HMV website instead. Ironically, the track has charted at number ten on HMV's single chart (ie: physical sales only) so I guess this confirms what I'm saying. Most chart sales are downloads. Most downloads I guess are made by the younger buying public. Many people my age (32) tend to prefer a physical single and most of Madonna fans to say the least tend to be older.

Who cares if it's charted at 39. Maybe the Wembley problems didn't help for some fans but for all those worrying about it should remember that it's a better chart position that any of us could hope achieve.

The song may climb up the charts as yet anyway. All singles used to do that in the 80's. Furthermore, maybe Madonna chose not to promote it due to her divorce been leaked early by the press which is why a video (also possibly because of the tour) wasn't made or released.

Take a Bow reached number 16 in the UK too - not 35 as incorrectly stated here.

fluffy craig

I've been a huge of Madonna's for 26 years, and Miles Away is my fav of the Hardy Candy LP, shame it only reached number 39 in the UK chart. The uk should have had 2 CD Set, a Maxi CD and picture disc, but all I could find in the shops was the Picture disc and CD1?

I hope this song does get to number one, she deserves it.

Long live Queen Madonna xx


I've just seen the official chart position, 39? When borderline only charted at 56 Madonna was relatively unknown. When rescue me and one more chance didn't have videos, they still charted at 5 and 11. I bought 4 copies of miles away, alas to no avail. It's a sad day for uk Madonna fans. Let's hope this turns out to be a slow burner, or just a blip on an impeccable chart record.


...Fans, we have to move...


Take a bow only managed 35 in the charts back in 94, so you don't need to go all the way back to Borderline x


OK I think we all get what you are saying! Yes she has not promoted it and there is no video. So what! I wasn't aware it was out but I've bought it as soon as I saw about it on Madonnalicious and will also buy the hard copy. I'm still supporting Madonna 100%. I'm not as shallow as to only like her when she is giving us fans atention. Has she not just gave us all enough attention on stage on her current tour? She didn't cancel the tour or give up, giving her marriage is now over and she is going through a divorce? No she hasn't. She has alot on! Why don't you all just support her! Madonna hasn't turned her back on the UK. What do people expect? do you want her to rip herself in a million pieces and make sure she is in every part of the world all of the time? I think people who criticise forget she is American and is only going back home!!! I don't blame her, if I had the opportunity to move to New York and live I wouldn't hold back. Give her a break and if you are true fans like myself go out there and buy the single!!! Support her through these tough times - Paul x x


the single goes up one place in today's midweeks to number 37. This is really bad. If you want a reason to download then try the johnny vicious remix, which is brilliant.

John Suddes

I didn't even know it was released so what do they expect!!


It wouldn't have helped that M referred to the song as a song for the emotionally retarded on stage - wasn't great promotion for the song; who would go and buy it now? Also the fall out of the d-i-v-o-r-c-e and her being seen to turn her back on the UK etc isn't of course going to help. I would guess having no video is M's way of being able to save face for a poor performance on the charts - it can be put down to no promotion rather than current (un)popularity amongst the masses.


I don't understand why she is not releasing a video for the song... it's necessary for promotion and she has always released videos for her songs... it's strange!!!


It's her fault. If she wanted that single to fly, should could have. She could have a music video, and pay radio stations to play it, as they do with all the other songs labels/artists care about.

But she seems she doesn't really care about this single, so why should I buy it again?


Its so sad! I've been down all week thinking about this tragedy! Madonna and Warners are both to blame for this. The formats are embarrasingly crap, no video. Radio are right to snub it and the public don't care cos' they don't know its out thanks to 0 promo but oh well! Why should i care if Madge doesn't init !


Lol! I didn't even realise it was out! My Madonna-mad friend will be gutted.

james brookes

not suprised really.... no promotion... no video.... nothing!!! even radio1 have given it a sidestep. weve already heard it on the album, give something new to it.


i just bought them! i was gonna just buy the ep but i thought better of it, i only lost out on a few pence!


Well there's no video...what do you expect!


This goes to show about having no Video...''One more chance'' was the same..Madonna come on make a video even a live version?? PLEASEEEEEEE

Andrew House

Yeah well what do we expect without any promotion such as a video? It wouldn't have taken much effort to release a live version from the tour or even from the promo tour. Also, the CD single is only available in one format with just one remix on it. Crap. Looks like Hard Candy is over.....


I wonder why there's no official video yet... that would definitely help things a lot...!

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