Madonna arrives in Mexico City
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Madonna dumps Australian tour dates

Superstars Madonna, Neil Diamond and Paul McCartney have scrapped Australian tour plans because of the weak dollar.
Madonna had agreed to perform at Sydney's ANZ Stadium and Melbourne's Docklands in late January, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.
Tickets for Madonna's shows, presented by US tour giant Live Nation and local promoter Michael Coppel, were due to go on sale two weeks ago.
She planned to charge a top ticket price of $400.
'It got as close as anything ever gets,' a tour industry source said. 'Madonna was coming to Australia, the dates were resolved, then economics got in the way.'
Mr Coppel yesterday confirmed the Madonna deal, but refused to elaborate.
The revelations follow a growing list of postponed tour plans by world superstars.
Concert industry sources say Diamond, McCartney, The Eagles, Green Day and Metallica have put visits on hold because of the bad economy.
'It's unknown territory at the moment,' said promoter Michael Chugg. 'A lot of tours went on sale before the dollar crashed. We are only starting to see the affect of the economy on the tour industry.'
Mr Coppel said the weak dollar had made promoters, and touring superstars, cautious.
'Everyone is feeling their way,' he said. 'The risk level has gone up substantially.'

From The Sunday Telegraph


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Would'nt artists like Madonna & other established acts like McCartney stimulate the economies buy having shows? Even if they charge less per ticket to make it more affordable, the concerts will generate some money for the artists. It might not be tens of millions of dollars, but it will bring in money and raise the morale of people in the area.

Jason Taylor

What can I say. This was the last nail in the coffin for me. It's no longer about art or her fans - it's just about money. How very very sad. I made a deal with myself after she didn't come here for Confessions - I wouldn't buy anything, including CD's of Madonna in protest. I'm going to Pink next year because she's doing many shows here and she has the same honesty and committment to her fans that Madonna once had. Goodbye Madonna I (have) will miss you. Kisses


She should have lowered here appearance fee, The last time the Rolling Stones toured they charged just enought to cover costs, as they didnt want to dissapoint their fans. Maybe Mick should explain to Madge how you are suppose to repay fans.

Rachel in Vancouver

Yes she should go to Austrailia no matter what the dollar is like... it's not like she is going to lose money on it anyhow.

We were the same waited 20 some odd years for her to come to Vancouver.. the one and only time i have ever seen her if she ever comes back again i will gladley go again but until that day...

We can all just keep our fingers crossed and hope she comes to our city :)


She dumped the whole leg of the tour which included Australia followed by Japan and a return to Mexico (Guadalajara and Monterrey, no Mexico City this time). I guess we'll have to wait for the next Tour.


Seriously though, how much longer is she gonna make me wait??? I've been a fan since the begininning, devoted since I was 5! I saw her in 93, the only time she's ever been to australia, when I was 14. I've waited and waited and waited. It's now getting ridiculous! Her Australian fans have probably paid for one of her kids education with the exhorbetant amounts of money we have spent on her over the years....and she keeps insulting us by not touring here!!! Well.....she better pull her socks up and get her ass Down Under or ....... GRRRR!!!!!! Honestly, it's not fair...

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