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Madonna dumps Australian tour dates

Superstars Madonna, Neil Diamond and Paul McCartney have scrapped Australian tour plans because of the weak dollar.
Madonna had agreed to perform at Sydney's ANZ Stadium and Melbourne's Docklands in late January, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.
Tickets for Madonna's shows, presented by US tour giant Live Nation and local promoter Michael Coppel, were due to go on sale two weeks ago.
She planned to charge a top ticket price of $400.
'It got as close as anything ever gets,' a tour industry source said. 'Madonna was coming to Australia, the dates were resolved, then economics got in the way.'
Mr Coppel yesterday confirmed the Madonna deal, but refused to elaborate.
The revelations follow a growing list of postponed tour plans by world superstars.
Concert industry sources say Diamond, McCartney, The Eagles, Green Day and Metallica have put visits on hold because of the bad economy.
'It's unknown territory at the moment,' said promoter Michael Chugg. 'A lot of tours went on sale before the dollar crashed. We are only starting to see the affect of the economy on the tour industry.'
Mr Coppel said the weak dollar had made promoters, and touring superstars, cautious.
'Everyone is feeling their way,' he said. 'The risk level has gone up substantially.'

From The Sunday Telegraph

Madonna's film on AIDS in Malawi airs on Sundance

Madonna's Malawi documentary, I Am Because We Are will be screened in the US on the Sundance Channel on Monday 01 December at 09:00pm EST. In this article Madonna talks about Malawi and her plans for future visits there.

Madonna's awakening to the crisis in Malawi - an impoverished African nation where one million children are orphaned by AIDS - had many consequences.
She adopted one of those orphans, her 3-year-old son David. She is building a school there.
And she has told Malawi's harrowing story in her documentary, 'I Am Because We Are.' With an audience thus far limited to isolated theater screenings, it will be screened for everyone with its TV premiere on Sundance Channel at 9 p.m. EST Monday (World AIDS Day).
The feature-length film was written, produced and narrated by Madonna (directed by Nathan Rissman). It consults experts including President Bill Clinton and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
But the film's real power is its images, which are often dismaying but, here and there, reflect hope and a remarkable will to survive.
'I had many goals,' said Madonna during a phone conversation from her Manhattan home a few days ago. 'I did get to a point where I thought, 'I'm being overambitious, I'm trying to say too much, I'll never accomplish it.' But I feel proud of the fact that I did get to make all my points.'
Among her points: an insistence that any crisis comes with solutions, however hard-won and piecemeal.
The film offers its audience a menu of constructive responses.
'If all you can do is live life in YOUR world in a way that shows you are responsible for the people around you, that's a course of action,' said Madonna. 'People can be of service in large ways and small.'
The first wide exposure of 'I Am Because We Are' may be coming at a propitious time, which befits the pop superstar who made it, with her knack for anticipating and identifying cultural trends.
On the eve of a new presidential administration, Americans seem set on a more idealistic path, however alarmed they may be by economic threats along the way.
'People really are going, 'Wow! I can no longer ignore what's going on around me.' There are changes in the air,' she said.
Madonna's busy schedule continues apace. But the artistic life that drives it 'is a world you create and you inhabit, to express yourself, and to inspire and reach out to other people,' she explained. 'It's also a consolation, a place you go to to protect yourself.' That's true now, in particular, during her highly public split with Guy Ritchie, her husband of eight years, which she described as 'not easy, I'm not going to lie.'
Though on a brief New York break from her concert tour, Madonna said the day's long to-do list called for this AP interview to be followed by interviews she would be conducting herself: with prospective head mistresses for the girls school she is building in Malawi.
'We're all going there together at the end of March,' she said, referring to David, 8-year-old son Rocco and 12-year-old daughter Lourdes.
'I'm very involved in a lot of things that are going on there,' she said, and as she makes return visits with her kids, she wants them to gather insights into the plight of the world's underprivileged. 'And David's always going to understand where he came from, and what his life could have been like.'
Meanwhile, she hopes her film can spread the message to millions more.
'It has an impact on the people who see it,' she declared. 'The more people, the bigger the impact.'

From AP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna brings DJ Enferno on board

While some people lament turntablism is a dying art, it has recently received a major boost via the nimble fingers of D.C.-based DJ Enferno. During summer and fall, the 2003 USA DMC champion has rocked crowds numbering into the tens of thousands across Europe and the States, hitting the front of arena stages and letting loose on the ones and twos. Okay, so it might not be pure battle artistry - Enferno (born Eric Jao) is Madonna's official DJ on her current Sticky & Sweet Tour.
Long famous (and infamous) for cherry-picking subcultures, Madonna has parted ways with her longtime tour spinner, the high-energy disco queen Tracy Young. In the aftermath is an increased musical synergy between DJ and diva. Rather than simply warm up the crowds or hit 'play' on a backing track, Enferno has had a strong hand in tweaking the show's sound.
'It's like she's brought this responsibility out of me that I didn't know was even going to be on the table,' Enferno says by phone on a recent morning. (The Sticky & Sweet Tour is, apparently, mostly about work and not too much about play.) 'As far as what I do onstage, imagine taking a band that's got a guitar player, a keyboard player, and tracks coming off the computer, and everyone plays all together. When you add a DJ, you add elements of sound, and you affect sound in a way instrument players can't. Then there's all the things I've been involved in offstage.'

To read the rest of the article by Arielle Castillo visit

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Miami Fan Pictures - Part 1

madonnalicious reader Garrett attended the last show of the North American leg of the tour last night in Miami. The show featured some very special guests on stage!

Hi, just got back from a great show in Miami! Pharrell and Timbaland made special appearances on stage. Timbaland came on for '4 Minutes' and Pharrell came on for the last song 'Give It 2 Me'. Also a special guest was in the audience tonight....front row right at the end of the catwalk....A-Rod!

Madonna wrapping North American tour

Madonna wrapped the North American leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour yesterday night, November 26 in front of 50,000 people at Dolphin Stadium in Miami.
The 28 dates in North America have grossed about $91.5 million and moved about 550,000 tickets, according to tour producer Arthur Fogel, chairman of global music for Live Nation.
The next stop is Mexico City, where the Tour performs beginning November 29.
Counting her European run, Madonna is currently at about $207.5 million in ticket sales and on a pace to hit about $282 million when Mexico/South America wraps. That would make Sticky & Sweet the top-grossing tour ever by a female artist or solo artist.
The tour wraps December 21 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Sticky & Sweet Tour: Shadow puppets in Atlantic City!

Fans at the Atlantic City show earlier this week noticed that Madonna was making shadow hand puppets just before the request song. madonnalicious reader Doug managed to capture this moment on film.

I've noticed on some of the M message boards that fans have been buzzing about the shadow hand puppets Madonna did just before the 'Everybody' request song in Atlantic City. I have video of that and didn't upload it initially because I didn't think people would care. But after seeing the buzzing on the boards, I've uploaded it to Youtube for all to see.

Miles Away needs your help in the UK charts!

At this moment in time Miles Away is doing very poorly in the UK single midweek charts.

It is looking like it will be the first single since Borderline in 1984 to miss the top 20 (currently sitting at #38 in the mid-weeks).

Fans can download the remixes seperately from iTunes (not as an EP which only counts as one sale) as well buying the physical release(s) at and

Thanks to Jason and Martin

Sticky & Sweet Tour: 'We suck. I suck, and you suck!'

madonnalicious reader Randy got to sing-along with Madonna at the Atlantic City show on Saturday night, here is his story:

I got to sing along with Madonna Saturday night when she took a request song....'Everybody' in this case. Both Madonna and I screwed up the lyrics.
She said something like 'We suck. I suck, and you suck (pointing at me)!'. Check it out on YouTube. It's pretty funny. It was so fabulous. Madonna said that I suck!

madonnalicious reader Doug filmed the Everybody sing-along.

Madonna says workload is 'good distraction' from split

Madonna's marital breakup is tough, but she says she's grateful that her heavy workload 'provides a distraction that keeps me going.'
'I'm sad about my personal life, but I feel very blessed and very lucky that I have the opportunity to do what I do in my professional life,' Madonna told The Associated Press in an interview Sunday. 'It would be horrible if I was just thinking about getting a divorce and had nothing to do.'
Last week, Madonna and Guy Ritchie were granted a preliminary decree of divorce after eight years of marriage.
Among her current projects is promoting her documentary 'I Am Because We Are,' which explores the impoverished African nation of Malawi, where more than 1 million children are orphaned by AIDS. The film has its TV premiere on Sundance Channel Dec. 1.

From AP Via Yahoo! News

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Philadelphia Sing-Along

Madonna played Philadelphia on Thursday 20 November and madonnalicious reader Maggie was there and sent in this report and filmed the request section of the show:

This was the first concert I have been to and she was the perfect choice to make my first. I live in Pittsburgh and I flew over to Philadelphia with my uncle to see her perform. She didn't come out until an hour and a half had passed, but that was expected. It just built up the hype even more - I know I was more than excited.
Madonna really is absolutely amazing in concert! I cannot get over how great she looks and how energetic she was - she never stopped! For the request she sang 'Dress You Up' which was great! I hope she goes on tour again sometime in the future, and I can say I would be willing to pay for a floor seat next time.

Chris Brown wants to duet with Madonna on new CD

Chris Brown wants Madonna on his next album.
The 19-year-old crooner says the Material Girl would be his dream duet for a track on his upcoming CD 'Graffiti,' which is due out next year. He says he'd also love to work with Coldplay. He's collaborated with Jordin Sparks, David Banner and girlfriend Rihanna in the past.
Brown predicts that 'Graffiti' will be a bigger project for him. Speaking from the red carpet at the American Music Awards, the platinum-selling R&B star said: 'It's going to be my stepping stone from Chris Brown to superstar.'
If he's not there yet, he's close. Brown took home the most trophies at the Sunday awards show: He won artist of the year, favorite pop-rock and soul-R&B male artist while his gal pal Rihanna won favorite pop-rock and soul-R&B female artist awards.

From AP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna granted divorce in London

Pop star Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have been granted a divorce at the High Court in London.
The decree nisi was granted just a month after the couple, who have three children, declared their eight-year marriage was over.
A sworn statement released by the court showed the pop star petitioned for divorce on the grounds of Ritchie's unreasonable behaviour.
Neither Madonna, 50, nor her film-maker husband, 40, were in court on Friday.
Madonna also said in the statement that the couple had not been living at the same address for the six months before the date of the petition. The document was signed in Beverly Hills.
The case was listed before District Judge Reid alongside 16 others 'for pronouncement of decree or order under the special procedure rule'.
Friday's hearing lasted six minutes, with the judge granting decrees to a total of 17 couples.
If there are no disputes, a decree nisi can become a decree absolute within weeks, legally ending the marriage.

From BBC News

Madonna, Ritchie to begin divorce in London Friday

A court schedule says Madonna and Guy Ritchie will be granted the first stage of their divorce in London Friday.
London's High Court lists 'Ciccone M L v Ritchie G S' as one of 16 cases for 'matrimonial and civil partnership causes for pronouncement of decree.'
A judge will grant the couple a preliminary divorce decree, or decree nisi. After six weeks and a day they likely will be granted a decree absolute and the divorce will become final. It is unusual for the couple to attend court in such cases.
The couple announced last month they were divorcing after almost eight years of marriage.

From AP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna attends Gucci UNICEF Dinner

Madonna attended a Gucci UNICEF dinner at The Oak Room at the Plaza in New York City last night. She is pictured below with Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini and singer Rihanna.

Madonna was wearing a dress from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 collection....maybe it was one of the creations worn during her photoshoot for them a few days ago?

Pictures from AP Via Yahoo! News

Sticky & Sweet Tour: 'There's no place like home!'

Madonna played her first concert in Detroit since 2001 at Ford Field last night. madonnalicious reader Jennifer sent in this report from the show:

Madonna appeared on stage in Detroit at about 9:40pm. She had a huge smile on her face as she took the stage at Ford Field. In metro Detroit, Madge normally plays the nearby Palace of Auburn Hills....but tonight she played the massive football stadium.
The crowd at Ford Field about 40,000. Several times during the night she talked about how happy she was to be home. She said 'Detroit Rock City, give it up for your hometown girl' and 'I need to tell you it's good to be home. There's no place like home'. She also mentioned her father was in the crowd.
The request song was Material Girl. The fans first requested Causing a Commotion, but Madonna said she would not sing that song.
She looked great, the crowd was wild and the show was amazing. A great homecoming in Detroit for Madonna.

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Detroit Reviews

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour stop in Detroit last night gained some glowing reviews from the Detroit newspapers today:

Madonna returns to Michigan with exacting, entertaining spectacle
If you’re going to wait so long to come home, you might as well do it up right.
Dropping into her old stomping grounds Tuesday night for her first show here in seven years, Madonna wowed a crowd of about 30,000 at Ford Field, serving up the sort of oversized oomph to match her stature as pop queen.
It was just as promised: a stylish sensory overload, brimming with high-end video, sublime lighting, strapping dance numbers and an array of pulsing hits. The homegrown hall of famer, tight and sinewy, was an onstage dynamo, whirling and gyrating her way through the biggest concert spectacle Detroit will see this year.
From an elevated throne - where she perched spread-eagled in a fringed black leotard - Madonna kicked into Candy Shop to launch an energetic, edge-of-risqué set that belied her 50 years.
She didn’t acknowledge her homecoming until midway through, when she clicked her heels a la Dorothy and uttered, 'There’s no place like home.' Later, she paid tribute to Detroiters’ storied toughness, and wryly prodded the audience to clap along: 'I don’t come here very often, so please make a big deal about it.'

To read the rest of the review visit The Detroit Free Press -

Madonna lights up hometown with Ford Field show
It's been seven long years since Madonna last played her hometown, but when she arrived on stage Tuesday night at Ford Field - fittingly, on nothing less than a throne - the enormous grin on her face said it all: It was good to be home.
She said as much during her livewire two-hour concert, sprinkling hometown sentiment and 'it's good to be home'-isms throughout the show. But she let her feelings really be known near the end of the night, before a sing-along portion of the show which included a karaoke-style version of her hit song 'Material Girl.'
'I don't come here very often,' she told the crowd of 30,000, 'so please make a big deal about it!'
It wasn't hard to. The homegrown superstar - way before she became the biggest star in all the land, she was just a kid from Rochester Hills with dreams of ruling the world - put on a stadium-worthy celebration that was part concert, part block party, and all fun. Whereas past Madonna extravaganzas have served to titillate or provoke, the focus here seemed to be on having a good time, plain and simple.

To read the rest of the review visit The Detroit News -

Vuitton pay Madonna $10m to star in ad campaign

Madonna is being paid handsomely to be the new face of Louis Vuitton's 2009 marketing campaign. The pop queen is raking in $10 million for her modeling gig, sources told Page Six. And, despite online buzz that the shoot would be done by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, WWD reports the nod went to legendary Steven Meisel, who did Madonna's notorious 1992 book, 'Sex.' Madonna was seen last weekend cozying up with Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, discussing the clothing. Madonna's rep declined to comment.

From the New York Post /

Welcome home, Madge - what took you so long?

Local fans of Madonna will become reacquainted with a long-absent face Tuesday night, when the hometown icon hits Ford Field and heads into the homestretch of her U.S. tour.
It's better late than never for those area devotees, who watched in dismay as the word 'Michigan' failed to materialize on two previous tours - and again when this Sticky & Sweet tour schedule was released in the spring. It wasn't until August, weeks after her shows elsewhere had gone on sale, that relief finally arrived with the Ford Field announcement.
Either way, this one's a blockbuster: Madonna's pop spectacle is only the second stadium concert on Detroit's 2008 docket (Kenny Chesney played Ford Field in August), and it comes amid the latest round of jumbo buzz and gossip chatter for the Michigan-born celebrity.
Madonna's camp has proclaimed this to be the biggest concert outing of her career, and while that kind of hype is to be expected, they've got a strong case. A quarter-century after the University of Michigan dropout emerged on the New York club scene on her way to international fame, Madonna continues to pile up superlatives and important numbers in her role as the queen of pop.

To read the rest of the article visit the Detroit Free Press

Sticky & Sweet Tour hits Houston

madonnalicious reader Javier attended the Sticky & Sweet Tour show in Houston last night, here are some of his snippets from the show:

* The request song in Houston was Secret, it was actually requested from a guy in the front row.

* Timbaland was in the audience.

* Borderline won the audience loudest and longest ovation.

* Monte Pittman was singled out by Madonna during the request part because he is from Texas. Madonna thanked him saying he was the reason she plays guitar!

* Funny fact, during the request section, when addresing the crowd she mentioned how she has 'Never been to Houston, and is is kinda glad she came' but we fans know she had been here last time during the Blond Ambition tour. It had been 18 years. LOL I guess we forgive her for forgetting.

Canadian Charts and Voting Updates

This is how Madonna is doing on the charts in Canada this week:

Top 100 Albums
Hard Candy | #53 (-14)

Billboard | Canadian Hot 100
Miles Away | #28 (+9)

Canada AC | Airplay
Miles Away | #25 (+1)

Canada Hot AC | Airplay
Miles Away | #39 (+3)

The Hits Charts | Radio Airplay
Miles Away | #78 (+15)

Singles | Sales
Give It 2 Me | #8 (+10)
4 Minutes | #38 (-2)

And these are the most importants links to vote for Miles Away in Canada:

Radio Énergie |
The Mix |
Virgin Radio |

Thanks to Pascal

Exhibition: Madonna Through Akos' Eyes

An exhibition called Madonna Through Akos' Eyes features pictures taken by madonnalicious reader Akos during the past three Madonna tours.

The exhibition runs from Monday 17 November until Saturday 10 January 2009 in Budapest. Address: Freezoo Galeria, Semmelweis u. 8. v.ker. Budapest, Hungary.

The Welcome To My Candy Shop book launch party will take place on Friday 28 November at 07:00pm.

Sticky & Sweet Tour: Amy's Like A Virgin Story

You may have read the earlier story about a fan called Amy who requested Like A Virgin during the sing-along at the second Denver show and got an 'interesting' response from Madonna - well here is the picture and story from Amy herself:

Me and four of my friends dressed up as different Madonna's: I was 'Like A Virgin', Effie was 'Material Girl', Diana was 'Music', Jamie was 'Borderline', and Pilar was 'Hung Up'.
We were seated in the third section, but as a result of our outfits we got moved up to the front row! Madonna was singing at us and looking at us in our outfits all night.
Madonna asked me my name and what song I wanted to hear. Of course, I said 'Like A Virgin' and she had me stand up on my chair and show the entire Pepsi Center my outfit! It was the most exciting moment of my life.
She then asked me if I was a virgin, and I said no, and she said 'No, I didn't think so. It was so awesome talking to Madonna! A night I will never forget, that's for sure.

Sticky & Sweet Tour tops Billboard Boxscore

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour continues to be an enormous success. Billboard Boxscore have just published the official and confirmed concert stats for the recent North American concerts (New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, Oakland, Boston and East Rutherford).

Madison Square Garden, New York City
Oct.6-7,11-12 2008
61,586/61,586 Attendance

Air Canada Centre, Toronto
Oct 18-19 2008
34,324/34,324 Attendance

United Center, Chicago
Oct, 26-27 2008
30,968/30,968 Attendance

Bell Centre, Montreal
Oct.22-23 2008
34,301/34,301 Attendance

B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver
Oct. 30 2008
52,712/52,712 Attendance

Oracle Arena, Oakland
Nov. 1-2 2008
28,198/28,198 Attendance

T.D.BankNorth Garden, Boston
Oct.15-16 2008
26,611/26,611 Attendance

Izod Center, East Rutherford
Oct.4 2008
16,896/16,896 Attendance

These 16 North American concerts posted in Billboard Boxscore have grossed $45,878,544 and attracted an audience of 285,596 people. Added with the $116,029,569 in grosses and 939,990 people from the European leg of the tour, the tour so far grossed an incredible $161,908,113 and played to an audience of 1,225,586 people.
There are still 25 shows left to be reported to Billboard Boxscore. Although this tour is not over yet, it has already surpassed the 1,210,294 people that attracted the 2006 Confessions Tour. This tour will easily outgross the solo artist record breaking $194,754,447 concert grosses that was grossed on the Confessions Tour.

Thanks to Micheal